10 most bizarre marine molluscs

In the depths of the sea sometimes you can find incredible creatures that lurk in the impressive depth and meet which can not everyone. Some of the most interesting creatures of the oceans - animals such as clams.

There are more than 150,000 species (known) every year zoologists are added to this list all the new and unique species. Invite you to learn about the amazing shellfish, some of which were found recently.

1) Angelfish

We probably will not be surprised if angelfish will be in the same family living beings that mythological sirens. They are called angels, but in fact they are predatory sea snails. This special representative (pictured), which was named Platybrachium antarcticum, Ā«flies" in Antarctic waters, preying on pteropods (another kind of snails).

2) Snails, armadillos

There is no other snails, which would be clothed in such a strong armor. Get to know the type of Pygopodidae Crysomallon squamiferum, which are found in hydrothermal vents in the Indian Ocean. Multi-layer shell structure is similar to the finely crafted armor that seemed made of synthetic material.

3) Bioluminescent octopus

One of the few eight-legged animals that produce bioluminescence, ie glow octopus species Stauroteuthis syrtensis was discovered at a depth of about one kilometer in the Gulf of Maine. Photophores (luminous organs) used an octopus to deceive prey that swims into the jaws of a predator.

4) Snail "Language flamingosĀ»

This snail species Cyphoma gibbosum got such a strange name for its bright color spotted. Painted only the soft tissues of the snail and its shell - monotonous. She hides it in case of danger.

5) Vampire squid


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