Seafood that can kill us

Seafood and of course extremely useful — this we are told since childhood. But the fact that over the past decade, these gifts are greatly changed (and the way they use to take at least sushi) and now pose a serious threat to health, don't speak.

The worms in the herring that raw or poorly cooked freshwater fish can be a source of parasites, know probably almost everything.

But somehow there is a perception that marine fish in this respect are absolutely safe — and this is a gross misconception!

For example, anisakis ("herring worm", a type of worms) affects almost all species of marine fish. Larvae of roundworms can be detected in hundreds of species of cod, perch, salmon, and the probability of finding these parasites in herring from the North sea and the Baltic sea — is almost 100%. Eat a piece of raw fish infected with live parasites (for example, this may occur at the sushi bar), — and you will find nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, rash, temperature, diarrhea and in the long term stomach ulcers and other complications.

If you claim that ocean fish has no parasites that chef sushi-restaurant — Japanese and knows the secret security, open another "secret": Japan is one of the first places in the world in the incidence of anisakiasis.

If you think that "European" fish due to the high quality standards can't be dangerous — you have been deceived. Actually it's Norway for several years in all possible ways pressing on Ukraine, our country has changed its standards for frozen fish — Norwegian product is just not passed sanitary control due to many parasites. Of course, we gave up — after all, how to assure European partners, all these worms in fish is still dead — they're frozen.

But there are nuances. Freezing fish to -18°C leads to the death of all larvae anisakid only after 14 days. Imagine that the manufacturer decided to save on the deep freeze and did not comply with the technology, and if the caught fish are frozen immediately after harvest, the worms from the intestines get into the muscle tissue. Use for sushi dear chilled fish instead of frozen is a great way to live parasites on the plate.

Large scale cattle Lion's share of marine fish in Ukraine is a product of Norway. Moreover, this fish is only conditionally can be considered marine, what the consumer is unaware of — she's grown on farms.

"Fish livestock" — like chicken legs: lots of chemistry and little use. According to research published in the academic journal Science, the content of toxins and heavy metals in farmed fish several times (and such carcinogens as polychlorinated biphenyl and dioxin — 10 times) higher than the level of these substances in fish caught at sea. Some doctors recommend to limit the use of "home" salmon to once in two months to reduce the risk of cancer.

Note also that trout and salmon on the shelves are "red fish" only because canthaxanthin — artificial dye, which in high doses can cause problems with vision. For the production of fish are used as antibiotics and growth hormones, and to deal with many parasites, the inevitable companions crowding the farmer's herd — and even toxic drugs.

Buy a fish kill a dozen Some people are willing to accept low quality farmed fish, considering that mariculture is the way to save wild fish populations, greatly suffering from Perevalova. This is another big propaganda lie, born of the food industry — aquatherma are an additional threat to the sea. No one has yet managed to protect the deer down in the woods barns!

For example, studies of canadian biologists has shown that the number of fish in the populations of neighbouring farmers dropped in just a few years more than twice! Young salmon migrating near salmon farms, has 9 times more sea lice (parasites of fish), than salmon from regions where such farms do not exist. Farms are a hotbed of infections and parasites, and the use of chemicals and medicines to combat them leads to sustainable and very dangerous to wild fish forms. Atlantic salmon is almost extinct today in nature lives for only 1% of individuals, and the other 99% of the breeding fish "home" of sorts, bred on farms.

American Committee for the protection of medicines and products considering the requirement of producers to allow the mass production of genetically modified salmon (she has a gene eel) AquAdvantage, growing 6 times faster, and its weight may exceed the weight of conventional Atlantic salmon 13 times. That will occur as a result of biological pollution such mutants, prefer not to say — to assure the public that this will not be a threat to the wild salmon population.

But the biggest hypocrisy lies in one small fact — to grow fish in farms, feed her fish! Yes, and the use of feed — but, according to conservative estimates, one kg of cultured salmon have a minimum of 5 kilos of smaller fish — sardines, anchovies, etc. Trawlers rake the oceans clean, undermining these including forage base the same wild salmon.

If you think that these dangers and risks applies only to salmon — so you don't know that any kind of "Royal" shrimps also fall on the shelves almost exclusively with farms. And they are sometimes much more dangerous than the hand-reared fish, these organisms are able to accumulate toxins in incredible quantities and often grown in very polluted waters. In addition, the construction of shrimp farms has caused one of the worst and largest environmental disasters of the last time — almost total destruction of the planet mangroves (mangroves are a special ecosystem in the tropics and subtropica in the area periodically flooded sites of sea coasts).

Fish flu is coming? Another myth, which has long been considered almost scientific truth, marine organisms not able to be carriers of dangerous human viruses.

Meanwhile, the seafood can be dangerous — they cause the whole epidemic. So that broke out in 1988 in Shanghai the epidemic of hepatitis a covered 300 thousand people, and the reason it was the ingestion of raw mollusks.

Every year in the US recorded 23 million cases of illness associated with norovirus (Norwalk virus causing gastro-intestinal disease), and shellfish — the main "suspect". Their intake leads to numerous outbreaks of gastroenteritis and hepatitis worldwide. But in Ukraine, control of molluscs "virus" is not (the quality control of seafood in every restaurant or store — entirely on the conscience of the leadership, no rules, rules do not exist, and the best you can expect is that the store (restaurateur) acquired not contraband or illegal goods, he has a Declaration from the manufacturer and it maintains the timing of sales and temperature stable).

Most interesting is that the scheme of distribution of infection is relatively new and resembles a vicious circle — people throwing untreated sewage into the sea, hypocritically relying on "self-cleaning", and then unexpectedly finds human viruses in shellfish, fish, crabs and shrimp.

And for scientists, such cases are really unexpected — before in 1988, in Spain, there was described a case of acute viral hepatitis after eating shellfish, nobody thought that was possible.

In Ukraine the first and only scientific book on this issue, published only in 2005, Virologist of the Institute of biology of the southern seas Olga Stepanova in "the Ecology of allochthonous and autochthonous viruses of the Black sea" (allochthonous — penetrated into the reservoir from the outside, indigenous — local, "native") says that samples of water and bottom sediments, and mollusks, fish, crustaceans showed that up to 87% of them are infected by pathogenic viruses endemic to earlier exclusively land-holders.

In the sea water near Sevastopol in 9.8% of samples were found hepatitis A virus, while 24% of the black sea mussels are "land" adeno-, Rota-, REO - and enteroviruses.

Marine organisms are able to marvel at the "human" viruses, so, the fact of infection and development of black sea bottlenose dolphins (Delphini) with hepatitis C. And Vice versa — known cases of human infection with rabies from marine mammals.

Although the fish as a source of outbreaks of human little is known of the prerequisites for that pesky "evolution" is. In scientific literature it is reported that fish California girella is a reservoir of the virus of vesicular exanthema of swine (calicivirus) which causes epizootic. Apparently, fish is also a reservoir of hepatitis of ducks.

Belarusian scientists Warriors and Soloukhin put forward the hypothesis of the role of viruses zooplankton in the ecology of influenza virus.

Olga Stepanova writes: "Perhaps the fish have contact with human flu viruses, because eating stroganina (raw frozen fish) resulted in the contamination of influenza the Eskimos... Thus, fish being an important food element in the reservoirs, can serve as a reservoir of many viruses that are potentially dangerous to other organisms, including human...

Special attention is given information on the determination in blood of black sea dolphins antibodies to avian influenza virus H5N1, dangerous to humans".

Anatoly Solovyov, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of Donetsk national medical University. Gorky, reported that in Ukraine there were registered cases of group and individual diseases enterovirus infections after eating fresh saline black sea anchovy and sprat.

Even viruses algae alovirus have genetic similarities with the herpes viruses and pox.

The main problem is that the sea has not previously been faced with a massive introduction to human viruses — and the man had exploited the sea. As a result of close contact we can get in the coming years a new, incredibly dangerous strains — sea work today as a huge biochemical laboratory incubators to create new viruses.

The bottomless depth of the counter Abrupt change consumer qualities seems to be familiar seafood requires responsible consumer (ie a person who does not wish to harm your health and ideally — the health of the planet) to be a real investigator. The West were the guides on store shelves from independent experts, which explains the origin of the raw material and the nuances of the technological process, researched the reputation of the manufacturer and the seller, due to the transportation and storage of listed species of fish, undesirable to eat for pregnant women, children and people with various diseases.

In our country, buyers have to face the fact that the real origin and production technology of the product remain a mystery. Meanwhile, it is extremely important that you buy Pacific cod or Atlantic — indeed, the latter almost completely disappeared due to predatory fishing. For the same reason should prefer Pacific halibut, Chilean. Wild salmon caught off the coast of Alaska, much more trapped in the store with a Norwegian farm.

Forget the phosphorus, which must make you smart: the American doctors have proved that people who often eat fish have a memory problem due to the high content of polychlorinated biphenyls — are very toxic and persistent pollutants that can accumulate in living organisms.

Do not eat tuna, especially canned — it accumulates in the tissues of a lot of mercury. Safe enough to eat the sardines (as a rule, the amount of mercury is very low), Pacific cod, striped sea bass. Small fish preferred large — in the latter, as a rule, more harmful substances.

Always carefully thermally process seafood. And believe me, that sushi far from the ocean — it's like phone sex: expensive, tasteless and stupid. The only similarity with the corrupt love "really" is dangerous. published

Author: Ivan Petrov

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! © Join us at Facebook , Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki




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