Parasites eat the lovers of this dish! How not to get worms?

Since the early eighties sushi has become incredibly popular. At the moment they are cooked almost in all countries of the world. And no wonder, because sushi is not only very useful, but low-calorie dish.

Sooner or later every lover of this delicacy asks the question: can sushi and rolls to cause serious harm to the body? The only problem is that in raw fish, which is included with most types of sushi and sashimi, can be worms.

Studies confirm this fact: 80-90% of both marine and freshwater fish infected with helminths, for them, the fish is intermediate host. No drying, no drying, no Smoking do not kill helminth eggs or larvae that live in the fish meat.

Worms in Ribav the same time chefs working with Japanese cuisine, ready to refute the concerns of scientists. Raw fish and other seafood are supplied to major restaurants and sushi bars only after necessary studies. Sushisty say that for every product come certificate, veterinary certificate and a covering documents.

In fact, the reason of helminth infection may not be the dish itself, and a trivial failure to comply with sanitary norms. Eat sushi or sashimi be tested in place, it is better to give preference to large networks of Japanese restaurants that exist in the city.

Small cafes can buy cheap products in the markets where no sanitary control, there fish can be infected and stale.

If the risk of helminth infection scares you is not a joke, you can even refuse from eating sushi with raw fish, preferring the seaweed salad and vegetarian rolls.

Our editorial staff just loves this dish! How do you feel about Japanese food? Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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