10 most unusual poisons (10 photos)

Like millions of years ago, our planet every day is a bizarre ballet of Life and Death, without stopping its motion for a second. Each time, millions of beings are using all their evolutionary adaptations developed over the centuries just to survive until the next sunrise. Each death weakens species as a whole. Every mortal act protects and warns other members of the species, and kept alive the strongest and fittest.

But sometimes death takes bizarre forms when getting into the act different neurotoxins. The neurotoxin - a chemical compound which acts strongly on the nervous tissue. If the animal world would have acted the principles of the Geneva Agreement, neurotoxins would be prohibited. These poisons are surprisingly perfect, but that is terrible and horrible death which is caused by them.

Each poison has a fancy scientific name, and indicate that we, together with the effects that it causes.

Poison Spider Sydney: "Exploding Light»

Many types of neurotoxins, "turn off" the nervous system, but atrakotoksin works with precision but on the contrary. It stimulates the nervous system, so that it begins to run at maximum capacity. Ultimately, the most terrible consequences of their falling into the body is that the incredibly increased blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation, resulting in lung alveoli just explode, and the man drowned while on solid ground.

And the worst thing. The poison that is completely safe for all living beings, and even mammals. But it is perfectly valid for primates. Of all living things, from which should defend the wicked spider, he chose a man. Us. Well, as the monkeys, but mainly us.

This particular neurotoxin found in Sydney spider that was seen only in Sydney, Australia. And it's the most dangerous man around the globe since its poison can easily kill you in just 15 minutes. To the great joy, about 30 years ago, it was designed by the antitoxin, and for the past three decades, not a single documented case with a fatal outcome. However, it is a reason not to break the Australian visit Sydney, as there are a considerable chance of meet this nice spider.

The venom of scorpions: the deadly convulsions

Dortoksin found in the southern African Spitting scorpion, and it is probably one of the worst poisons, from which you could die. But do not relax, there is still a lot to discover and choose a way to die early.

So. When the researchers tested the toxin in mice, it has led to convulsions, seizures and hyperactivity that does not end, and for 30 seconds after the death of the mouse. The worst thing is that it took some 20 nanograms (!) To kill a large animal.

Scorpion venom spitting specific in that it is actually represented by three different toxins. And the scorpion, depending on the victim can choose the type of poison. Spitting scorpion named because directly after the bite to it "spits out" a certain amount of venom towards the goal.

Scientists believe that in this way preserves the strongest scorpion toxin that requires a lot of energy for its synthesis. This is a small portion of the toxin is not so large predator slaughter may just scare, but directly small mammals (prey scorpion) killed on the spot, allowing the scorpion to reserve the most powerful weapon in reserve.

Psychedelic poison frogs


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