All of your illness, accidents that happen to you, your bad mood, your anger and dissatisfaction with life - a consequence of the information poisons and contaminants that have penetrated into your head.

Do you feel sick. Why is that? Because the day before someone accused you. You slipped and stuffed myself cone. Why is that? Because an hour before someone criticized you. You feel very tired and unwillingness to live, because one of your family members ever hurts you. You are scared and are afraid to take on the simplest case because someone said you no matter what can not. You're weak. You won. Your soul is under occupation.

All of these events - the result of psychological poisons. Poisons undermine your immune system and other defenses. Unfortunately, you can not stop people criticizing you, but you can opt to listen to criticism. It is at the level of ideas. This does not mean that the first attempt to criticize your actions you should shout: "Shut up! I do not want to know! "- And then the whole day to go and mentally cursing:" That bastard dared to criticize me! He said that I was a coward. Well, I'll prove it ... "It would mean that all the same criticism you took. And we must not take it, that is, not to think. The same goes for any other pollutant. As soon begin to implement it into your head, you have to slam the "door" in front of his nose. To do this, you just have two skills: the first - to identify the polluter, the second - to prevent its penetration into your head. Even if you did not leave resentment or fear, sometimes enough to know that it is poison in your head and are responsible for its being there yourself, not someone else.

Blocking the road pollutants - is much more complex skills than to recognize them. To do this in your head to be installed - the main lock: "I hate, so I do not need!" And two additional locks: "false" and "uninteresting!" At least one of the locks should appear as a conditioned reflex to the corresponding Messages others. It should be recalled that it was blocking the brain, not the words you need to say out loud. Answer you can that etiquette requires, but your soul must be clean by the time of collapsing "door»:
I did not like, so I do not need!
FALSE! Uninteresting!

You criticize - I hate, so I do not need!
You are accused of - I hate, so I do not need!
You scare - FALSE! (Uninteresting!)
The negative prediction - FALSE!
You lower the self-esteem - I hate, so I do not need!
You are offended - I hate, so I do not need!
You hurt - I hate, so I do not need!
News on TV cause you trouble - not interested!

Run this program in my brain, let him work, let poisonous culls information! Besides, people do not always assess by: "Did he make me bad?" - And by: "Poor me whether his words and actions?»

To make things even better protection against debris entering the head, it is desirable to build their lives on the principle of the mirror. This creates a double barrier for the penetration of toxins in your head. Awareness alone thing: "I myself with people so never do that!" - Gives the full right to refuse such "services" of others. Of course, we must say that in very rare cases, but it is sometimes necessary to say: "I've not criticizing anyone, and I do not need to criticize!»
Teach a man can be, but only in appropriate situations, and only by building it with the positive program. You always have to teach the man without the introduction of toxins into his head!

Rules that should be used to mirror all the pollutants, intending to get into your soul:

Do not criticize - do not listen to the criticism.
Do not blame even mentally - not feel guilty.
Do not hurt - do not be offended.
Let others (and yourself) only positive predictions, and if necessary to warn, do so only messages of specific facts, not emotions. For example, say: "In this region over the past week has been committed thirteen crimes" - instead of: "Do not go there! You were probably kill! »
Do not worry - do not be afraid.
Do not lower the self-esteem others - do not listen to those who are trying to lower your self-esteem.
Do not include others on their weaknesses - do not pay attention, if you indicate your.
Do not build other destructive programs - do not let them build themselves.
Taking into account that the particle "no" is not perceived by the subconscious, other formulations MIRROR HANDLING people look like:

Understand others' motives committing bad deeds!
Take care of someone else's psyche!
Let's only positive predictions or say, "You will be all right!»
Increase self-esteem others!
Point to each of their dignity!
If you are able lays another positive subliminal program, while respecting two conditions:
a) the program must be positive in their view, not your;
b) the program must not contain evil in relation to someone the third.
If you want to point to someone on his wrong behavior and cause it to behave differently (as you wish), then do not forget that the same idea can always be expressed as a negative statement or positive. Expressing its positive.

Wean from something - it means to teach something opposite.
Stop any action - it means to start doing something else.

You can have a different way of life. You can be beaten and hit others, believing that otherwise can not. But then there is always the risk was seriously injured. It can be treated with respect for others and for themselves, to protect themselves and others, knowing that each person - a person with dignity. This includes not only physical but also psychological aspects of life, psychological even more. In this century, we are educated enough not to beat each other physically, but psychologically it happens everywhere, it is less visible, but no less painful. Unfortunately, our thirst for the medieval executions has not disappeared simply no longer accepted to demonstrate this now trendy to look good. Also, bring a person to suicide psychological beating a lot easier than the physical - there are lots of evidence that! As is the case with injuries. A kick in the stomach is easier to heal than stomach ulcers caused by trauma, because in the second case is more difficult to identify and remove the primary destructive agent that can act in the human mind has for a long time and build it kill the program. A program that simply can not be cured with medicines.

Do not hurt others, and put on his soul protective armor against attacks of others! Let them beat off yourself fists, but nothing will break your blissful existence!

Excerpt from the book Julia Jumma
"The way the fulfillment of dreams"


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