YOU - Angels in someone's life

I did not send to you, in addition to the angels ...

I believe that angels appear to us and how "ordinary people" who walk among us, there are in our lives, do and say incredible things.

Maybe it's just a fantasy, but I think, in the world there is room for fantasies. In addition, a lot depends on how you look at things. God said in "Conversations with God ..." "I did not send for you, except the angelsĀ».

This means that everyone - an angel! All of them are sent by God, everything came into your life with a mission. Perhaps this "mission" is known only at the level of the soul, but at this level it is known - both of you.


Think about it.

You - an angel in one's life.

The only question is whether you believe in it.

To some people the meaning of these conversations "comes" immediately. Others ... well, others a little stubborn, and they understand everything later.

Neale Donald Walsch


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