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I want to believe that the Creator of all his creatures prefer those who have become free.
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 - How does it - is not it? - I asked, suddenly shrunken voice - really, what? Yes, you have a bug here in the files, look better !!!
 - Not at all - old angel smiled indulgently and adjusted his glasses in a round frame, - We have everything written down, everything is taken into account, once again, all under the strict eye of you know who. We have over malfeasance know what? - Angel's face hardened - About Lucifer heard? That's right. Did not have time to blink - he took off. "Oshi-and-ibka." You say, too ...

 - Wait a minute - I tried to pull myself together - Please look here.

Angel favorably looked at me over his glasses.
 - AND? - He asked after a moment of silence.
 - I can not. But somebody there? - I gingerly wiggled Kiselny substance, which is now replaced my usual terrestrial organisms. The substance was worried and went iridescent spots.

 - Someone, of course. But not NN, which you were pleased to introduce myself. - Angel sighed and rubbed his forehead - I like you had seen - not to count. And somehow, for the most part - the ladies. Anyway. Let's check girl. The points. From the very beginning. So?

 - Come on, - I said, decisively hanging over his shoulder and manufacture fight to the last.
 - Nute, sir, here it is, the biography of Madame N, - Angel pulled out from under the table a hefty Talmud and blew the dust off it, - Ab ovo, dear, they say, from the eggs - he poslyunyavil finger and rustled tissue, flimsy pages - Well, all this stuff ... ... diapers for children whims ... all sorts of foolishness ... personality is not yet formed ... the character is not expressed, all drafts ... well, childhood and did omit, take conscious life ... and, voila! - He triumphantly held up a finger, - you have had an affair at the end of the tenth grade!

 - Oh, what a strange thing - I could not resist - to sixteen - and suddenly the novel!

 - And you do not sneer, freylyayn - Angel made a stern face - Roman developed rapidly and quite happily until butted your girlfriend. And boy you have, let's face it too, right from under the nose stole. That is not you - suddenly caught himself angel and red - and at Mademoiselle NN ...

 - Well, what? - I asked suspiciously, - With all happen. Is that some kind of mortal sin, who forgot to write the Bible? Like, I do not give her any guy or a donkey or an ox ...

The word "Bible" Angel winced.
 - What does a sin, for God's sake! Already got their sins ... follows thought. As in this situation behaves our N?

 - How stupid behaves, - I said darkly, vaguely remembering the unfortunate affair "pas de trois" - to pretend that nothing happened, hanging around with them everywhere, reconciles them if quarrel ...

 - Vooot - didactically extended angel - Now carefully - look at me! - How would you do if you lived?

 - Would kill - word slipped out of me before I could figure out what to say.

 - Exactly! - Angel even jumped on a chair - just! Kill would be killed, of course, but would be sent to three gay characters - that's for sure. Now, remember - how many of these "novel" was in our life at Mademoiselle?

 - About five - I thought, and suddenly I felt lousy.

 - And all with the same result, mind you. Go ahead. Mademoiselle tried to go to university and failed. How not to get?

 - One and a half points, - I wanted to cry.

 - And for some reason, it carries documents Pedagogical Institute. There her score - pass. She goes to this institution. And you? Why at this moment would you?

 - To act in the university until recently, has not yet will do, - is barely audible whisper me - But you and I understand, too, my mother cried so asked, afraid that this year I go on a spree or something like that, well, I suddenly felt anyway ...

 - My dear, - the angel looked at me sympathetically - we are a damn who you have there and cried for what reason. We are interested in the facts, the most stubborn thing in the world. And the facts we have something very unsightly. Why are you - no, that's serious! - Why then got married? In the sense - our NN? Yes, and I got married, by the way! It is, therefore, got married, and you at this time what thinking ?!

I was silent. I remember, as if thinking in a stuffy church leaf, holding a candle in a sweaty fist. That love is love, but the whole bodyaga briefly, that I may be a couple of years stretch, no more, and there is my nature goddamned still outweigh, and then will you forgive me, Lord, if you are ... - Here then something - Angel shook his head and turned the page - so here you every step of continuous failures! Girl, my, well, not so well! In the thirty years since the tattoo wanted to do - why not do that?

 - Well-at ... - I'm puzzled - I do not remember.

 - And I will prompt you - not good angel chuckled - The then your lover was against. Primitive, said the tribes, and the ass over the years droop. So?

 - You ought to know - I frowned, but something that was once like it was ...

 - I somehow know better, of course ... something your ass was not a lover ?! Well, let's go further.
Here it is written - thirty-five years old, a housewife, to put it simply - the unemployed, from hobbies - except cooking. Sweetheart this picture is. Stitch embroidery alone is not enough. Well, remember, remember what is actually something like ?!

 - I remember. Shoot like.
 - Who to shoot ?! - Angel was surprised and looked at the book.
 - The running target. Well, or fixed, no matter - I cry, as it turned out, no longer could, but my body foggy lost its iridescence and went thick gray waves - trap shooting wanted to do. Still wanted to sing. That was long ago ...

 - Confirm. You, my dear, all this had a pretty decent ability, - Angel said, pointing to the Talmud, - God, among other things, details. From birth! Where Delhi this? Where, I ask you, dividends ?!

 - I did not know that I must ... - I murmured in response.
 - Lying, knew - Angel took off his glasses, rubbed his tired eyes narrowed and the nose - Well you're lying, then, that attack some ... Okay, ma'am, let's finish. Let's start with your distribution.

He took great form, spread it on top of my biography and began to scribble something.

 - As you all do not understand - in the voice of an angel heard despair - you can not, well, you can not bring yourself every step of the commercials and to die an early death! And this, incidentally, is the "sin" of which you are so afraid! ... All of you think - and so will do ... no joke - every third soul does not live your life! It is a terrible statistic! And all some stupid excuse - the mother was crying, the Pope was angry that her husband was against it, then the rain that day went the wrong time, then - even laugh! - There was no money. Homo sapiens, called erectus ... Well, everything is ready - Angel irritably threw a pen - ask to stand up for the verdict. In front of me to stand in the way.

I flew across the table and stopped right in front of an angel, his whole manner expressing guilt and remorse. The devil knows, maybe it will work.

 - Unidentified soul on charges of unlived life of the convicted - Angel looked at me with stern pity - Mitigating circumstances such as: a) do not know what they do b) was not physically able to realize or c) did not believe in the existence of higher reason - not found. Impose a stay of the same life to finding themselves present. The sentence is final and not appealable. Defendant! Do you understand the sentence?

 - No, - I blinked pathetically - to hell or something?

 - Well, hell, you do not earn, baby, - grinned angel - and the jobs there ... - he waved his hand hopelessly - will go to purgatory, will stay simulated situation, while the court did not recognize you live your life. Oh, and you'll be there to suffer or not - we, sorry, do not know - and the Angel stretched yellow scribbled form, - all clear now?

 - More or less - I nodded distractedly, - And where am I going?

 - Now, - Angel said, snapping his fingers. Something rattled, crashed in front of me went dark ...

 - ... One I will not let go, and you easily - I heard a familiar voice - and Sergei says - she'll let otmazhet two days, well, Olga, well, my dear, you're help, right? We'll separate tent and take, and in general will be cool, imagine two whole nights, campfire, river, and the three of us?

... It was my schoolyard, I may not remember what year, dusty sultry evening. And Lena, beauty, a doll face and figure of Sandro Botticelli - my friend - as always happily chirped in my ear, not noticing how the hatred and pain slowly rolled me screw, making it difficult to breathe. This familiar, this native-familiar feeling ... I'm a good girl, I pereterplyu all this, I'll behave, I'm good, good, Horo ...

 - And you went on dick - I said suddenly, with a sadistic pleasure watching her rounded porcelain eyes, and feeling some unfinished scenes added - both went to Ebony mother.
... When the sound of an angry Lenka heels trailed off somewhere around the corner, I listened to the hollow ringing around and realized that here right now, I finally deeply indecent and punishable happy ...



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