About liars

Back in '86, I worked as an apprentice fitter at the same factory. He stood in the outskirts of the city, and took us back to the bus service. And there was this one guy shop, Mironych, fifty, it seemed to me then very old man. At uncle was a great feature - he lied.
I lied brilliantly. He was a genius lies. It is not obmananyval and lied. unselfishly. Kinda baechnik: o)) After all, we do not tell lies even if just a little, we are also not interested to read: o)) All he knew, and loved it for that.

So, our bus arrived, we disembarked near the entrance, stand-smoke grass. And then runs past the Mironych. One man to him with a laugh, "Hey, Mironych, modern Single four-day!" "Danutyanah! I have no time. There Kulikovskii pond later, full of fish. It is necessary to take time off faster than the master, and still find a bag. And rebyatnya all carried off! "And hiding at the entrance. Guys ohrenevshy eyes looked at each other and without saying a word Rushed towards Kulikovka scoring at the Masters, plan and other amenities. Fish! For free!

I like the snotty, I was in the shop to cover them. An hour later came back angry as hell men. A Mironych, running them through the shop, shouting "Che you, blah! Themselves asked to lie! ยป

Liar I have since seen a lot. Himself a sinner. But for now, on the fly, without stopping any fraction of a second, not ... be two dozen hard-boiled men in their own own request! This aerobatics!


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