7 morning habits that will change your life

Early bird, that God gives. The wisdom of this proverb confirms the study at the University of Leipzig, completed in 2009. Scientists came to the conclusion that "larks" initiative "owls".

To be effective "lark," not enough early rise. It is important to be able to create a positive attitude and to prioritize, doing the important first.

So there is no point to set your alarm crazy early, if you'll just be time to work in front of the TV.

Correctly to build your morning, you need to learn a few useful habits. This may be difficult, but if you succeed, you'll be richly rewarded.


Make a plan for the evening

It's not morning ritual, but this habit definitely increases your morning productivity. To plan the next day better in the evening. It is always useful to think in advance that you may need tomorrow — then in the morning you will be ready to act. Make sure that the refrigerator has everything you need for Breakfast and make small schedule. It all sounds simple, but when we get home in the evening, we tend to want only to lie on the sofa with a glass of wine, and think about tomorrow.


Get up very, very early

Sorry, owls. You will have to change. Laura Vanderkam, an expert on time management and author of the book "What the most successful people do before Breakfast", citing a survey of 20 top managers, says that 90% of them on weekdays Wake up at 6 in the morning.

For example, the CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi wakes up at 4 am and no later than 7 am arrives at the office. CEO of Disney Bob iger gets up at 4:30 to have time to read, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is up at 5:30 to jog. Yeah, sounds horrible, but if you go to bed early, you get used to it. So a productive morning starts with an early rise.


Take charge

Yes, we have among us a certain percentage of superhumans who barely opened his eyes, happy to rush to the equipment (perhaps they just know how to lie). But most of this time not to exercise. Nevertheless, the morning, apparently, is the perfect time for the sport.

If you make a charge in the first place, it just will not forget about it. After all, if even the busiest people manage to find time to exercise, the more you can.

Director of Xerox Ursula burns twice a week at 6 am is engaged with a personal trainer. President Barack Obama starts every day with weights and cardio training, and the already mentioned Jack Dorsey makes three repeats of a seven-minute exercise program. Vanderkam says: "It's incredibly busy people. If they find time for sports — so it's important."


Start with the important things

A quiet morning when nobody interrupts is the perfect time to focus on important project. In addition, if you do them in the morning, this ensures that you have enough time for him, and no unforeseen circumstances — children, employees, or superiors — can't hurt to do all that is necessary.

Vanderkam mentions an example of a business analyst, a day which was so Packed sudden meetings and other occasions interrupted, she felt that no time to do anything. She began to think about the early morning as the time allocated for project work, and each day chose the most important thing, which was to focus. And, of course, at half past six in the morning she could work in peace — no the meeting was not interrupted.


Work on a personal project

When you are done competing for the day, tired, hungry, and there is still need to come up with something for dinner, it is very easy to push your project on the backburner. That is why many successful people assign to it is one of the morning hours before the formal start of the working day. Teacher of history at the University of Chicago said Vanderkam that from 6 am to 9 am working on a book about the religious politics of West Africa.

Before the school hours she managed to read thematic literature and to write a few pages. Thus, making it a habit, she steadily moved forward. And she is not alone. According to the Telegraph, Ludwig van Beethoven, John Milton, Kurt Vonnegut, Maya Angelou, and Victor Hugo — all these people had a morning of creative work.


Have sex (or just talk to your partner)

In the evening we tired. That is why many successful people engage in morning ritual communication with a partner. Vanderkam believes that there is nothing better than morning sex, which gives energy for the whole day. In addition, regular sex can make you smarter and increase your income and even burns calories!

Well, sex every morning — not for everyone, but many couples use the morning hours for communication. For example, Vanderkam says the head of investment Fund BlackRock, together with his wife go to work in new York every morning. During the hour or more they discuss life, finances, domestic problems and plans for the week.


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Enjoy the silence

Life abounds, and to find respite in a busy schedule is not always possible. If the morning is filled with feverish activity, to enjoy the peace may be difficult. Nevertheless, the practice of mindfulness is important. Try to find a few minutes in the morning in silent contemplation. In these moments you can meditate, to think about future success, to pray for and thank the Universe for their happiness — everyone has their own approach. But this short pause will help you gather the rest of the day.published


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