The Swiss cheese syndrome

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Modern society prefers to think that in our world the top priorities are a good heart, wide soul, mind and naturalness, while we are being "sold" eye shape, nose shape, and number of clear pack. The dictatorship of youth, beauty and wealth brought a new kind of neurosis called the Swiss cheese syndrome, which is widely distributed among the people. The Swiss cheese syndrome — in fact, the concept twenty years ago, which had previously been the result of explicit discrimination on the basis of appearance. The sociologist Jean-françois Amade, author of "the Importance of appearance," cites in his writings the statistics, thanks to which it can be argued that capital accumulation determines the beauty of the person all his life. This means that the happy owners of attractive appearance are more likely to succeed, build a career and take off on the social ladder, even without due diligence and intelligence as much as their more ugly peers. The reason is banal any longer: the effect of first impressions, unconscious sympathy of man and the favor lies, sadly, in the "animal" instincts, unconscious physiology. Psychological tests Amadie confirmed in practice that beautiful people are perceived by society at the first communion as more intelligent, honest and conscientious, and, oddly enough, less aggressive. Although really handsome men and beautiful women more vulnerable and touchy. Sensing their surrounding goodwill, increased interest and concern for granted these people are poor and suffer painful betrayal and infidelity. But with them always more people that help them to survive the tragedy

In the end society their friendly attitude self-motivated people "special" to the pedestal, thereby strengthening the confidence of attractive people. After all are drawn to them, emulate them, and this leads to the fact that even the most notorious in nature beauties become more sociable, and as a result the circle of their acquaintances, and fans is growing exponentially. The division of society into castes, the grounds are beautiful and everyone else is quite logical and almost irreversible process by which society makes the choice in favor of one person or another. After all, if you can imagine a desert island situation, in which attractive a person is the only instance of any society, we can firmly say that the Homo Sapiens never understand how it looks and what is its feature. Outside of society human qualities such as selfishness, vanity, and narcissism simply do not have the chance for the emergence and development. It is society with his iron unwritten laws in droves discreditied people.

So who can get this cheese syndrome, and it manifests itself? The phenomenon in which a person feels perforatum inside is massive and he is exposed to those forces of society, remains behind. From the point of view of this syndrome is regarded as a spiritual environment, which permeate many holes: on the one hand, this feeling of emptiness, on the other — sets associated with the dissatisfaction of the third — a pathological distrust of criticism. You can continue indefinitely. Envy, jealousy, hatred and alienation are forms of the syndrome. Living in constant comparison, attempts to reach his ideal, or to change their appearance, behavior, character, "cheese" people only earn an even greater number of holes, finding new flaws, compounded by constant mental anguish.

All anything, Yes here only the earth was round, or that life is continuous and everything is changing very quickly. The birth of a new digital generation who doesn't even know what you can do with the push-button phones, has led to a change not only to the authorities and idols on top of the world, but also to new opportunities to promote themselves. A global network of various social apps, the birth of trendy bloggers not changed the course of events and is not able to eradicate the syndrome of Swiss cheese, and even, on the contrary, only worsen its side effects. "Cheese people" have mutated and continue to mutate, as, for example, influenza mutates annually.

Now the concept of beauty is too subjective, formed largely at the expense of personal success, a certain number of victories and first place on the pedestal of popularity. Before the average inhabitant of earth the ideal appearance recognized his own anthropological view, that is, had clear and firm unconsciously formed idea of what a beautiful face, hair, body. Worked the so-called psychological mechanism of imprinting — the first impression. And the first thing the person sees, getting into this life is the images of the parents, and these experiences are so strong that they accompanied him constantly. But the bloggers and their social network managed to destroy this "perfect" system, making it clear to the world that these standards of beauty do not exist.

And here before us is a beautiful pseudogley segment of the population, which pushed the weight, climbs to the top of success in life. But here are a few of the dogs buried. Success may not be real, and well-made, invented. Suppose there is a miracle girl Maroussia, which, for example, came in a huge metropolis in search of fame and a rich husband. She lives in a rented apartment and practically eats normally because she had no money. Pictures of her fragile body into the news feed of followers and liker call transcendent rapture. But the caption will contain information about pseudoinversion wraps and massages in expensive clinics. Then Mary will not be there for another two months and will do my lips and eyebrows. Then followed the series of images in the salons of expensive machines to be made really at any other motor show, but photos of them in dresses by Dior, or Celine from the fitting of the boutiques with carefully hidden behind the tag. And so on to infinity. And on the other side of the screen of your tablet for Marussia, there will be someone to watch carefully, gathering large "cheese holes" of black envy, impenetrable anger and mental anguish. But usually comic for such a situation lies in the fact that the Marussia may have the full syndrome of Swiss cheese — it is, simply put, is to realize the unreality of his far-fetched of life and suffer from inaccessibility desired.

Second the crux of the matter is personal feelings and expectations when faced with reality. Not the pseudo reality and the real reality in which he is sure, and that he for certain reasons, is constantly commensurate with its own format life. Usually this happens when expectations do not coincide with the results achieved. In the age of youthful maximalism begins to build the path of the individual with a set of ambitions, aspirations, goals and a clear vision of how he sees himself through the n-th number of years. All of these concepts and form expectations. And if a person is faced with unfulfilled ambitions, a certain age, a watershed moment in my life, and everyone copes with this situation differently. Someone humbly closes his eyes, someone in the throes of feverishly chasing an unattainable goal, and someone falls into a frantic panic. Psychologists argue that much of the inequality of the positions expectations and reality is in our modern upbringing: we live in an age of progress and opportunities, where we are constantly being told that you can be anything you want, the main thing — to want. But if your goal you have not reached, so you're just trying too hard.

Excessive trims, which in the short term to jump impossible — a global problem of modernity. Incorrect placement goals in life is no longer the incentive and motivation, and cause a constant feeling of inferiority and worthlessness. For example, a person wants to buy a car brand "Audi". It's a great dream, but only if the person has a stable high-paying job, or at least he is the owner of the car easier. Then "Audi" is a real and achievable dream. If the person is not even of earnings, and it is only at the stage of its start, then for the immediate future the goal will be to border on high bar, and for a long time to be in a state far from understanding happiness and jealous of everyone who legitimately has his dream. Such a person is guaranteed to get sick cheese syndrome, and instead of rethinking the values of life and changing priorities, to engage in self-hatred, blaming himself and others for their failures. The consequences of "cheese" defects, as we see, is too many-sided: it is the reproduction of social phobia, and discrimination in society on the basis of appearance, and dissatisfaction, and even a constant feeling of unhappiness in life. But from the "Swiss cheese syndrome" can be cured. The first antidote, no matter how trivial, is love, family, friends and others. Loving people are able to make "lepers" confidence in their significance and necessity, in their uniqueness and originality, thus eliminating the human from unnecessary complexes. The second medicine is applicable for those who are struggling with their "holes" alone, is the realization and reinvention. People will not be able to "cure", if you do not recognize the fact that he was sick. Rethinking values in life is an important factor on the way to getting rid of permanent dissatisfaction. The path to the great goal must be paved with small steps, each of which will be accompanied by a feeling of happiness and victories. Learn to enjoy the little things, as it can do, such as children and do not know how many adults, is the key to a relaxed and satisfied life. A person needs to understand that happiness can and should feel every moment, because the moment — this is the life.

Author: Diana Yaroshenko



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