"Syroyadenie, or a world free from vices and poisons"

Excerpts from the book Arshavir Ter-Hovhannisyan (known in Russia under the name of ater) "Syroyadenie, or a world free from vices and poisons" (1967):

"Many people tend to think that people for centuries eating meals must have got used to them and that the transition to a raw food diet can harm him. It's like saying, if the engine while working on the contaminated fuel, after replacing dirty fuels clean, will not work.
First, a few thousand years - worthless life compared to many millions of years, during which all human development, including his ancestors, was held with only raw food. In addition, the fact that the person is still not adapted to cooked dishes, proved a variety of diseases, which disappear as soon as a person moves to a raw food diet, and the body returns to normal functioning

. " "When a person addicted to jam, trying to go on a raw food (such as honey, walnuts, grains, raw fruits and vegetables), he does not have much appetite for this kind of food, as by this time the natural demands of his body are completely satisfied with very small amounts of it, and he quickly satiated. But if you have already eaten enough daily rate of natural food products, he still feels the lack of saturation and feels a great need for a "high-calorie" food, richly flavored, but it is in any case not a famine. This is due to excitation of toxins accumulated in the body that require the influx of new poisons. ยป
& Lt; ... & gt;
"All the organs of the human body have a certain reserve of natural work. Usually they work in a quarter of its potential, while preserving their energy for later use in special cases, or in old age. Although it is believed that in "normal" conditions, the heartbeat rhythm (heartbeat) must be kept at the level of 70-72 beats per minute, it is necessary to say that raw foodists it reaches only 58-62 beats per minute. Everyone knows that the heart rate can go up to 200 beats per minute or higher in exceptional circumstances. The same can be said of the respiratory & lt; ... & gt;
Raw foodists uses its digestive organs 1/4 of their potential, the result of which is the fact that these bodies are never overwhelmed and exhausted.
Regarding the person consuming cooked food, we can say that as a result of the stimulation of its appetite conditioned reflexes, exciting spices, tools to improve appetite, or other such outlandish exciting stimulants, his stomach filled with typically up to such an extent that the digestive organs are compelled to put in place all its reserves and, at times, in spite of this, they can not cope with the demands placed upon them. And then the person is forced to throw the excess food by the same channels, which sent her back, or throw it out of the body through the intestines using laxatives & lt; ... & gt;
Consumption useless, harmful and poisonous food food addicts satisfy their passions, but to paralyze the action of the stomach and to themselves create the illusion of satisfaction, whereas in fact such human cells are groaning from hunger due to lack of essential nutrients.
Raw foodists stomach alone, and despite the fact that it is usually empty, his body really well fed and satisfied in the truest sense of the word.
When a man, an adherent of cooked food, finally decided to go on a raw food diet, then first he will never feel satisfied no matter how much he ate. Typically, instead of happiness food addicts feel frustration and disappointment. They believe that the reason for this is their state of starvation, because the foods that they now consume, do not have enough nutritional value and, moreover, are useless as food.
This is a terrible mistake. On the contrary, those foods that are consumed raw foodists are both nutritious and completely balanced. Cells of the human body suffer from their lack for many years. Human digestive organs fully adapted to their consumption and digestion. That is why the stomach greets such food gently and quickly passes it to the intestine without delay, and the cells of other organs, worn or weakened as a result of starvation, greedily absorb the valuable substances, and are beginning to demand them all in greater and greater numbers.
Sick cells are healed, worn - restored inactive - gain their livelihoods. On the other hand, fat cells begin to disappear as a result of starvation is come upon them, and the accumulation of toxins and usually dissipate excess water leaves the body. Gradually normal active cells take the place of the harmful cells that are grown fat from the lethargy and inactivity. Rapid weight loss body is an eloquent sign of restoration of health and life.
Even if it happens is that some day he [rawfoodist] will eat a few more than that required for his body or what his intestine and cells are able to absorb, his stomach will not abandon it, he does not give a person the feeling of nausea and not force to remove the food by force. Foodstuffs entering the excessive amount does not linger in the stomach and not cause putrefaction; they do not turn into poisons and will not bring any disorder of the digestive organs. Rather than force the digestive organs are overloaded, the food will be immediately promoted from the stomach into the intestine, and then removed from the body in the faeces in the same day, without staying there and not a cause of poor health. Thus, in all cases of stomach raw foodists it remains light, while the intestines and blood constantly imbued with a fully balanced food.
Imagine that at some point people will again try to eat a few slices of cooked food. His stomach indignantly refuses these strange for him and unwanted substances. Despite his obedience, these pieces will lie in the stomach for a long time, they would slow down his appetite and paralyze the normal action of the digestive organs.
But the person consuming cooked food, completely satisfied and happy in this state, because indulges his passions and fills your stomach so that it filled experience. But the man who is aware of the value, importance and meaning of the raw food diet, runs from this state, he is clearly aware that only raw plant materials are able to nourish his body ... "


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