The benefits of power syroedcheskogo

By the raw food come for different reasons. Who wants to lose weight, someone needs to improve their health, someone comes to the conclusion that it is time to strengthen your immune system and cleanse the body of toxins, accumulate in it over the years due to malnutrition. And someone makes an example to make this step rejuvenated and prettier, active and energetic friends or acquaintances who have changed their way of life and switched to a raw food diet.

Do you know why the benefits of raw food is universal, and why this lifestyle is suitable for almost any of us? Yes, because the raw food diet is not intended to address only one problem. It is based on a "holistic approach", the person in question is not a mechanical set of different factors, but as a single system, including physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of their interaction and development.

Raw food diet as a lifestyle has healing physical and spiritual effects on the human body as a whole. Health effects of raw plant foods is not limited to any one organ or symptom. Herbal raw food in our body starts a healing kind of "domino effect". The transition to a raw food diet radically change your lifestyle, health and attitude. This effect is so striking that it can not be compared with any other recovery method.

Let us consider some aspects of our life, which radically affects the raw food diet:

Raw plant foods provide your body a full set of natural nutrients of the highest quality materials. In contrast to the last thermal treatment or other cooked foods they do not impair our health, but rather enhance it.

Slow down aging.
Premature aging is the result of many years of accumulation of toxins in the body and related to the process of degeneration of cells. Consumed us cooked foods and artificial drinks have a negative impact on our body cells, which gradually begin to lose their ability to recover and rejuvenate. Of course, we can not entirely prevent aging, but the raw food diet - is one of the most effective means to not only prolong our lives for years, but also to fill the years of life and energy.

A healthy body is always beautiful. If you eat only the best, freshest environmentally friendly products, the magic power of nature, they are filled, impact on your health. And this wonderful metamorphosis of our health, in turn, is evident in our physical appearance, restoring its natural beauty and youth. You look fine, because the best and eat wholesome food. Juices that are imbued with raw plant foods, make your skin supple and smooth, giving it a youthful, radiant appearance.

The fight against obesity.
One of the most insidious traps, which are fraught with past treatment or cooked products, is that they deprive your body of nutrients. As a result, despite the large amount of food consumed, the body does not get what it needs, and we are constantly experiencing hunger. But overeating, we do not give the body the required, he always asks new food. Thus a vicious circle leading to overweight and unhealthy entirety.

The raw food diet, everything happens on the contrary. The raw food stored accumulated in the course of natural processes fiber, moisture and nutrients. Thanks to their rich content, our body needs a lot less food. Raw foods are poor in calories but rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, at the initial stage of its life syroedcheskoy can not limit itself to the amount of food, it is still you start to get rid of excess weight.

Purification and detoxification of the body.
Syroredenie - this diet, cleansing the body. The purified, free from the body of toxins released from any harmful dependence on addictions and overweight. Removed therefrom invisible poisons that accumulate over the years in its cells, causing a variety of diseases.

Hygiene and dental health.
It is no secret that the rich sugar held food processing destroys teeth. Its residues in the mouth contribute to the formation and accumulation of organic acids, carbohydrates, which, in turn, accelerate the distribution and reproduction of bacteria, leading to the formation of plaque on the teeth, and to a process for carious tooth decay. Raw plant foods are rich in alkalizing substances, which reduce acidity. Besides chewing dense fiber-rich pieces of fruit and vegetables cleanses and strengthens the teeth and gums, maintaining oral health.

The general state of health and performance.
Proponents of the raw food diet as a lifestyle argue on the basis of their own experience, that along with the improvement of the physical condition comes clarity of mind, improves concentration, there is a feeling of cheerfulness and high tide forces, the activity increases. Improving overall health contributes to a positive emotional state, you start in a new way to perceive the world around you and to fully enjoy it. The feeling of health, energy and power, inner harmony and unity with nature will allow you to see the main, the true values ​​in life, which you will now be able to devote much more time and effort.


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