Unusual creatures of our planet

Perhaps some of them you have already seen.

In this collection are unusual creatures that challenge our imagination. There are no prehistoric monsters, only to create a list of the nature of living in our time. These creatures are not great and not terrible, but they look fantastic and deserve more attention than they usually pay

Proteus is completely blind, devoid of pigmentation, and lives in its own sensory universe. It receives electrical signals and smell through receptors throughout the body to help in the search for small invertebrates on which it feeds. His skin was very pale, but there are species with black skin who have vision

Next located octopus Tremoctopus violaceus. Generally, such a thing as a "normal octopus" does not exist. These extraordinary animals are like aliens from another planet who landed in our oceans and stayed here, loved them. Among the many strange features octopus stands out three hearts, venomous saliva and sharp beak. They are able to change the color and texture of their skin with incredible ease and speed (much faster than chameleons)

But there are also more unusual octopus - a purple tremoktopus. The mere fact that the female is 40 000 times more males already says that this creation is unique. Male not longer than 3 cm reaches and maintains planktonic life, whereas in the female length is 2 meters. When it feels threatened, it extends plascheobraznuyu membrane, which gives it an even more menacing look. Another interesting fact - this octopus is immune to the sting of the deadly jellyfish Portuguese, and, moreover, often pulls its tentacles using them as a weapon. After fertilization, the female the male dies, performing its natural function

In our list of unusual creatures also got a glass frog. What makes it so unusual? The answer is simple - clear glass frog skin that turns it into a living creature anatomy lesson. Indeed, some of their internal organs such as the heart, liver and intestines perfectly visible from the underside of the frog. Glass frog does not differ from the usual structure of your tree frogs

The gelatinous deep-sea fish with a sad face-drop. This fish lives in the seas near Australia and Tasmania and is rather passive life, eating only what floats within reach. This is an unusual creature lacks muscle mass and virtually no waste of energy, because her body is less dense than water. A drop of the fishermen often catch, and therefore it is endangered

On the next position of the spider family arhidovyh assassin. This spider only 2 mm long and despite its name, and a terrible view, is completely safe for humans. Its long neck is powerfully developed to support the weight of its huge jaws that are armed with fangs - assassin of captures of other smaller insect

There is another fish from the family Toporikov. Its so called fish-ax, she lives in a world of great depths, different from ours. This deep-water fish was found in all oceans except the coldest areas. Against the fish and drop the hatchet spends all his life in almost complete darkness. Her skin arranged special bodies - photophores that emit light and allowing a little to see prey and avoid predators. It looks hatchet fish is very unusual and scary, but not dangerous - its length is only a few centimeters

Have you ever kept in the hands of a crab? If kept, then imagine it covered with thick hair. Pravdo unusual sight? This hairy crab. It is also called the Yeti crab, his body covered with chitin processes, such as the shell from the shrimp. Yeti Crab is blind and colorless and lived all his life in the dark, just like the previous instances. It seems that nature sends such creatures to places where people are unlikely to see or reach them specifically.

This leafy sea dragon. This saltwater fish, a relative of the sea horse, lives in the waters of southern and western Australia, usually in shallow water. Unusual is the dragon that his body and his head completely covered with spikes, like leaves. These leaves are similar to the fins, but no part in swimming they do not accept, and serve to conceal from the enemy and to hunt for prey

Satanic gecko. The tail of the gecko this like a fallen leaf. The body color varies from brownish-gray to yellow, orange or clove color. Caught red-eyed individuals. Lives satanic gecko in fallen leaves and under the low bushes in dimly lit places. At night the gecko actively hunt for insects in the forest floor, and a day can for long hours sitting still masquerading as fallen leaves

This caterpillar-snake (Hemeroplanes caterpillar), extremely rare species found only in the tropical forests of Mexico and Central America. This little creature looks fine and usually painted in gray color, but if it is threatened by a potential predator snake caterpillar undergoes incredible transformation. It is fixed on a branch with its hind legs and inflate the head part so that it becomes like a head of the most dangerous rattlesnake, thereby discouraging enemies

This is the perfect creature perfectly mimics the triangular head of the snake, its eyes and scales, except that it makes emissions head just like a snake in the attack. After completion of cycle tracks it turns into a simple butterfly. Unfortunately, due to the mass destruction of rain forests is the creation is endangered.


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