How to choose the right spot for fishing — the subtleties of a good catch

It turns out, not only to catch fish, have a normal tackle and bait. After all choosing a good pond, beside which it is possible not only to spend all his time fishing, but to catch a certain number of fish, it is also very important.

In General, choose the bait or tackle, it is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. At least "advisors" in these matters quite a lot and finding them is not difficult. But as for where there are good and efficient places for fishing, in this case, hardly any of the experienced fishermen will be able to help you. Or rather, don't want to do that.

But even if you found such a reservoir, as it turns out, is not enough. After all, it must still find places where there had actually caught the fish would. Moreover, the home place, suddenly it may be totally fishless, causing thereby great surprise on the part of the fisherman. And the reason for this lies on the surface. The fact that the conditions the fish are constantly changing and the bite can affect a huge number of different factors to keep track of which is not always even the experienced fisherman.

Almost perfect place for fishing

So, how to choose a place for fishing?

For successful fishing! Or may be all down to chance and throw tackle, wherever falling, with the secret hope that maybe the fish bite? In this regard, it is useful to be guided by a simple rule of behavior fish. And it says that the fish moves against the flow, so to speak, is the resistance of the water." From this it follows that the fisherman will be wise to know the pond all the eddies, rifts, pits and pits. In these places the chances of catching fish increase in several times.

If the river or lake of small size, then look for the place of standing or feeding fish is much easier than on those waters, which have a large area of waters. In other words, "attached" to a particular fish place helps the coastline and the visual appearance of the water flow.

Land on the big pond

Very often these fish ponds is not only in the pits or in the shallows but near dense riparian vegetation. Moreover, the number of fish in these areas could be significant. If the flow on the river is almost there or is it too slow, the fish prefer the narrowing of the channel where the velocity of the water increases slightly.

Place with a slight current

By the way, the presence of a reservoir aquatic vegetation is one of the signs of the presence in the reservoir of a large number of fish. This is especially true for lakes, ponds, ponds and other bodies of water. Most stavkova fish type carp or silver carp likes to feed on such vegetation. As for rivers, favorite places of Parking of fish are considered to be lying in the water, the trees, the piles of bridges, steep banks from going under water by the roots of riparian trees.

I must say that grandpa Sabaneev give advice on the choice of good seats at the pond. And this advice remains relevant to this day. It consists in the fact that any body of water all the "fishing spots" are where there is a big difference of a certain portion of the reservoir from a common background. This means that all fishermen, sooner or later, but must be able to "read" the water.

For example, if the river makes a sharp turn, the far shore of the river depth is more in relation to "your" Bank. Also, greater depth is often the case in narrow places of the river. Especially if this place is not so strong. And, if you look closely, the color of the water at depth will be much darker than in shallow water. In this regard, it is useful to know the depth of the reservoir, because any fish is looking for where it is deeper. And, for this, it is not necessary to dive across the pond and measure the depth.

In this respect, it is worth knowing that if the depth of one meter, the plants are usually growing sedge or Susak. On a two-meter deep pond grow reeds, cattails and pondweed. But if the depth is 3M or more, then this can be identified by the presence of water lilies, or filamentous algae. By the way, these plants can be a great "pastures" of fish.

The lowering of the water level in the reservoir

In addition, an equally important factor of successful fishing is a sufficient level of water in the reservoir. However, it should not be too high, because in this case, the fish will simply go on spills or in ducts, where food for her is more than enough. But if the water level for some reason will start to decrease, the fish can generally leave these places forever. If it is, of course, have somewhere to go.

But, herbs are herbs, but before you choose a place for fishing, it is advisable to decide what kind of fish do you intend to catch. If the choice fell on tench, crucian carp or Rudd, it is advisable to seek the deep places with strong reeds and a muddy bottom. I want to fishing minnows or Dace? In this case, it is better to go to a place with a sandy bottom. But in order to catch the fish, have throw gear in the whirlpools at the bottom of the rapids. However, such rules do not in all cases work, but the highlights in this information, include.

In General, the plant food in the diet of fish is significant. However, everything ultimately depends on the type and size of the fish. Whatever it was, but the most attractive plant for fish is the pondweed. And the plant is liked because of where it grows, the water begins to be enriched with oxygen. Although many species of fish do not mind "to have Breakfast" and filamentous algae. But as so annoying duckweed, not all fish relate to it positively. Most likely, the attitude to it, this plant is neutral and dismissive.

Duckweed, as one of the types of aquatic vegetation

Fortunately, good fishing spots yet to meet. However, even in this case, upon arrival at the pond to start catching the fish is with its inspection and selection of the most suitable sites on it. Selecting one of these areas, we must try to ensure that the bottom is relatively clean and no snags or underwater thickets there. If this is neglected, the result can be a very quick hook and, as a result, the breakage of the tackle. Determination of the flow rate is also an important factor. In many cases, the rate of flow of water can be seen visually, watching it float sticks or fallen from the trees leaves.

I must say that experienced fishermen rarely fixate on one individual reservoir. For these people, fishing is search. Whether the search of the reservoir, fish or the most fish. From this we can draw a simple conclusion that to sh have each caught sight of the pond for the presence in this fish and its quantity. Quite often it happens that a plain-looking pond, you can catch quite large fish. Therefore, even small bays neglected it is not because they, as a rule, usual perch and pike. But as for catching fish on the "bald" places where there is no aquatic vegetation, it is a thankless job and a waste of time.

But one of the best places to fish are places on those rivers, which flow away from human settlements. Ie where the fish is almost unknown artificial bait and a fishing trick, but where there is fish cover natural origin type of underwater snags, rocks, etc.

Bridge, going under water piles

Place, and some of the factors that affect the bite and the fish catch should be aware of all the fishermen. Such factors include the characteristics of places of a congestion of fish.

So, fish is trying to keep:

  • on snag areas of the reservoir or thick coastal vegetation;
  • near bridges, rafts and perehodom;
  • on Wadah small rivers to the main, where there is sufficient depth and flow velocity.

In addition, the most common areas of fish feed include the following:

  • designated rivers with strong currents and areas with the deceleration of the latter;
  • "non-standard" locations on the reservoir;
  • evening and morning dawn.

Fishing at night dawn

Video — select place for fishing

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But in fishing it search. And it is especially productive on those waters, which are outside the city limits. For example, in some cases it is possible to fish in those moments when a herd of cows enters the river or lake to drink. The fact that their feet, and they raise a lot of sand and silt that rises and underwater animals. And that it tries to eat the fish, swimming up to the closer.

Of course, even knowing the good body of water and selecting it the perfect place for fishing, can be nothing to catch, and because every rule has its exceptions. Yes, and fish live their lives, the meaning of which the man, alas, never know. But we must strive for this! published


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