Amazing facts about the unusual creatures of nature

Hot beetle

Surprising fact: beetle-scorer during the defense of "shoots" a boiling liquid.

Incredibly complicated by the structure of beetle-scorer has an amazing and unique ability: when a potential threat he shoots with incredible speed boiling chemical liquid, which is accumulated in his stomach.

The liquid is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone, which are connected in the belly of the spider and form a chemical reaction. The liquid is fatal to small insects, and human contact can be very painful.

Swaying leaves

Amazing fact: the plant desmodium can quickly "move" leaves even in the absence of wind.

Desmodium is a tropical plant that grows in Asia, which has the unique ability to shake their leaves (they rotate quickly around its axis, "Bouncing" up and down).

There are several other plants with similar "skills" (e.g., trap Venus), but this plant is the most bizarre and least known. It should be noted that when they say "fast" in relation to plants, it's not very fast, but definitely visible to the naked eye.

A dangerous nut

Surprising fact: nutmeg is poisonous

Nutmeg is hallucinogenic "drug", which is regularly used to flavor custard for pies and cakes, and for making other delicious dishes. But it is also a poison that can harm you if you are exposed to side effects resulting from the consumption of drugs. Getting 2 grams of nutmeg into the body will cause you side effects that are possible with the use of amphetamines, namely fever, nausea, headaches. Getting 7.5 grams of nutmeg in the body will cause convulsions, and 10 grams – hallucinations. If you eat a whole nutmeg, it can lead to "nutmeg psychosis," which is accompanied by confusion and the presence of feelings of hopelessness. There were two deaths from nutmeg ( 1908 and 2001).

Fragile spider

Amazing fact: if you drop a tarantula, it is "broken"

First of all, it is worth noting that if you are not allergic to tarantula venom, these spiders are harmless to humans, despite the fact that their bite is quite painful. Some tarantulas can "remove the hairs" on their legs, stinging person, it also causes great discomfort. Now back to the strangeness.

The tarantula exoskeleton (which means finding it on the outside), like crayfish and crabs. They renew their exoskeleton is constantly in the supine position. At this point it is better to stay away from them, because of the vulnerability of his condition during this period, they will attack anyone that would pose a potential threat. Due to the excessive fragility of the exoskeleton tarantula, fallen even from a small height, is dying.

Aggressive swans

Surprising fact: a Swan can break your arm man

The next time you want to feed the lovely swans, and then Pat them on the back, shouldn't do it. Swans are extremely aggressive in defending their Chicks, and will use their incredibly powerful wings to defend against all potential threats, including from the people.

The extent of their wings is almost 3 meters. In 2001, a young man in Ireland, trying to provoke a Swan, broke his leg, the next year another person for the same reason, left with a broken hand.

Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Surprising fact: the scientific name for gorilla is "Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla"

First and foremost is to understand what is the scientific name of a particular type of gorilla – the Western lowland gorilla (this type is most common, it's what you most likely will see at the zoo).

But for some reason the poor gorillas are names for other types, that is, if the form is not "gorila gorila gorila", it is "gorila gorila Dehli", "gorila by beringei beringei", "gorila by beringei, graueri", etc.

Sick rats

Surprising fact: rats can't vomit

Rats are unable to vomit due to the fact that between their two stomachs is located the barrier, and also due to the inability to control the muscles of the diaphragm, which is necessary for this action. Neither rabbits nor Guinea pigs are also unable to do this.

Therefore, rats are particularly susceptible to poisoning. They first try food to understand, you will not feel any bad (rats can't vomit, but may feel nauseous). If everything is OK, then they start to eat fully.

Blind horse

Amazing fact: horses can't see directly in front of you

In horses a very wide field of view, moreover, they have the largest eyes among all land mammals and can see in a radius of up to 350 degrees. But horses have two white spots: the first is directly in front of them, the second behind the head. Well seeing details, horses are totally blind to red, and their sight – 20/33 (compared to a perfect human vision of 20/20).

Square eyes

Surprising fact: unlike most creatures, goats have rectangular pupils.

We always imagine the pupils are round, as such we see them most often (in humans), but goats (and most ungulates) the "slot" in the eyes of horizontalne that take extended as a rectangular shape.

This gives the goats the ability to see within a radius of 320-340 degrees, which means they can see almost all around themselves without the need for head movement (people see the radius 160-210 degrees). Therefore, animals with rectangular eyes can see better at night due to the presence of large pupils, which during the day can be tightly closed to restrict the access of light. Interestingly, and octopuses have rectangular pupils.

Miracle mouse

Surprising fact: a mouse can pass through a hole with a diameter with an ordinary ballpoint pen.

In summer, mice living on the street, but as soon as the window came the cold, they tend to get warm in our homes. Due to the presence of in mice with soft skulls and gnawing ability, a hole diameter in the ballpoint pen is large enough for them to fully okazatsya in it. Once inside, mice will gnaw almost everything, including concrete, lead and plastic. All in order to support their constantly growing teeth in the required length.

Contrary to popular belief, mice don't like cheese, but eating it from case to case. Mice can jump up to visotu to 46 inches, they are able to swim and move vertically, up and down. To protect your home from mice, check all small openings with a ballpoint pen — if she enters the hole, it means that the mouse can enter your home.



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