Juicy advertising from around the world

In advertising communications juice producers with an audience around the world use a variety of ideas and insights, starting from the obvious and lying on the surface of use, naturalness and freshness and ending not Sokov humor and even erotica.

Specific differences in this regard between the Russian and foreign advertising the product, located everywhere in a very tough competition to find quite difficult. The difference, basically, only in subtlety and elegance of approach and implementation. As in other product categories, foreign agencies often think more creatively, boldly and often "dokruchivayut" the idea to the end. However, in Russia there is a very successful advertising campaign - for example, for the brand "My family».

Below is the analysis of creative strategies juice brands on the Russian market in the near and far abroad.

International Advertising juice

Minute Maid juices have no single global strategy, as opposed to carbonated drinks company Coca Cola. Juices giant even less appealing than its other products, in all countries with the exception of the actual presence of the United States. In Russia, Minute Maid juice after failing to gain a foothold in the market in general there is a network McDonald's. Because of these features here sales are in each country to conduct its promotion strategy. For example, in the Asian market, it is being promoted as a drink, giving freshness. In the video «Bloom», released last summer, in order to convey a positive effect on the body juice Minute Maid, the team presented the Hong Kong branch of Ogilvy heads of people in a tightly closed green flower buds. As the flowers open water and fresh and people thrive on the juice.

Approximately positioned as the Australian juice Juice Daily Juice. In campaign 2007, developed by the agency The Campaign Palace, the people are represented in the form of inflatable dolls, which are quite sad blown away without a "make-up", lose strength, good humor and can not function properly.

Israeli juices Tirosh agency McCann Erickson promoted in 2007 without informing the audience some useful properties of the juice, although as a family product. In the video, released in October of this year, the creators did not talk about family values, about family and "skeletons in the closet", which are best left within their family, using the principles of the sitcom.

Viva Juice on the Balkan market in a recent advertising campaign does not affect any properties of the juice, and a parody of gangster movies. Agency Newmoment shot brand, a parody of the movie "The Godfather».

Also with humor advertises its juice Super Solo Norwegian manufacturer of Solo, whose creativity is involved, as in the previous case, McCann Erickson (office in Oslo). The spot of the fact that water is essential for human survival, in a completely different plane. In the story, tell the audience a tagline «Thirst Hurts» («Thirst hurts"), physical suffering brings hero movie is just the absence of thirst, he drank Super Solo, now in his stomach singing the infinite Song, which is impeding others.

It seems that the Scandinavians in general tend not to bother to positively promote the beautiful juice in their countries. This year, the Swedes from Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm, promoting juices from northern berries Jokk, assures customers that buy the juice is better and easier than by picking berries and make juice. Because it is very dangerous. The series in the style of "black humor" shows only two horror of those who can wait for you in the marshes while collecting cranberries or cranberries. Under a bush with selected berries can be a bear trap, for example.

Another original approach to promoting juices demonstrate McCann Erickson in the UK and beverage Panda Still. They "put pressure" on the emotion: the taste buds of language presented pretty fascinating creatures that bad of dry food, chewing gum and other things, but it becomes just fine when the "owner" of the language drinking Panda Still.

No less remarkable fresh humor used in the campaign for Orangina juice on the Romanian market. Since this drink is recommended to thoroughly shaken before use, the fans Orangina ingeniously seeking a variety of ways agitation using human tendency to tremble with fear.

Farther in advertising Orangina juice went into FFL Paris. The Agency, in collaboration with the famous post-production The Mill, has created a world of sexual wild animals who spend time in sensual extravaganza shows. The purpose of the campaign - to restore the bright image of the brand in France, where Orangina began to lose their positions after several years of low advertising activity.

Ocean Spray Juices use in their advertising simple humor. French agency Les Ouvriers du Paradis United says about lust, as such, and puts its characters in spots rather simple, even naive situation. And the agency Arnold (Boston, USA) introduces the campaign two characters - a sort of simpletons, who, in fact, grown cranberry juice.

Nestle in advertising for the US market its juice brand Juicy Juice combined demonstration of high quality and tangible taste qualities, so necessary for children with easy and fun sense of humor. Carrot gets a job, and her "work" test happy children.

In advertising, Tropicana juices no unimaginable stories related to the brand only conditionally. At first glance everything is quite traditional: juice and fruits. However, agencies that make creative for the brand, find original approaches. For example, Element 79 showed very delicious fountains of orange juice inside to transmit juicy fruit used for juice production.

Tropicana and DDB London to convey the brightness of flavor and juiciness of a new line of juices Tropicana Smoothie, also showed juice fountains, but from the explosions. They blew up a few dozen fruits. Short Spot «Fireworks» and two prints depict the fireworks from exploding fruit juice on a dark background, symbolizing the night sky. Video shot using the technology Slow Motion.

45-second spot, created by DDB London and Outsider last year, shows the viewer the usual city where ordinary people live and go about their business. And only one thing distinguishes this city from the others: at any place and at any time available to each inhabitant of fruits and berries, which grow just on the streets. You can rip an orange on the way to work, you can sit on the step and pick raspberries from a bush, creeping along the wall.

Message of the movie - "Easy availability of any fruit in the new line of juices Tropicana» - easily rests on the perception of the consumer due to the simple but brilliant idea and impeccable prodakshenu.

Juices Minute Maid, owned by Coca Cola in the Spanish market are promoted under the slogan "Because nature is wise, but not enough." The agency Sra. Rushmore United displays natural origin juice through the imperfection of nature. Heroes spots trying to escape from the city into the open air, obviously exaggerating the charms of life in the country, because there is rain, mud, frogs and bears. Minute Maid Juices presented as a way to get a bit of nature without getting everything else, this unpleasant for the urban dweller.

Advertising juices in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Juices Rich (producer - Moulton) were launched on the market in 2002 under the slogan "Life - a bright piece. Anyway". This beats the revolutionary slogan for the square of the time in a horizontal section of the package, invented design studio Open! Design. The rollers that came to the Launch of the product, the brightness of life and its ability to continue as it would "not cool" consumers elegantly demonstrated by the "built-in" parts in the video: the girl rolled over the sun, the other guy threw his legs. Then the slogan was changed to "confess his love." But in 2007, Moulton returned to the first principles of the campaign, only slightly changing the interpretation of the slogan in the video. Also, minor changes were made package: the upper part has become more complex and technological outlines.

Juice Caprice represents the premium segment in the line of juices of "Nidan". It was launched on the market to represent a mixture of juice, but under this brand were produced and "monovkusovye" juices. Also changed the style of commercials. Oriental motifs were replaced by heroic - determination through a lot of juice for.

Communication platform premium juice "I" ("Lebedyansky") is obvious from the name - a healthy egoism, hedonism and the game of meaning in the slogan "Where pleasure there - I am." Luxury girl in luxurious surroundings.

One gets the impression that Wimm-Bill-Dannovsky J7 can not find a specific marketing strategy. The last few years the brand "rushing" from one direction to another, if not act without it. After retiring from the Euro RSCG Moradpur after the introduction of the concept of "Live. Play "and signing a contract with" Native Speech "WBD this year alone has changed the advertising concept: in April were clips from southern handsome and beautiful women, dancing to gather fruit in the orchards (the slogan" Do you now feel the taste J7? »), and in November the audience in the federal air see just two clips - one of them literally sings the benefits of juice in 40-second musical "The smile on your lips ignite" and the other shows us how carefully squeeze the juice out of each orange.

Advertising series with the girl Diana, selflessly loving juices "My Family", for five years. Perhaps it is this concept of promotion of juice, which initially was accepted by many as "the idea of ​​the vampire" is an example of persistence and clarity of strategy. Already Diana rose, and Peter is not quite a baby.

This year, the creators of the series were noted two episodes - Christmas and "adult-child».

"What no matter how funny situations, funny jokes and good mood combines the already strong and united family? - Says Director of the Department of Advertising and Marketing JSC "Nidan Juices" Arkady Kurin. - In the new commercial men we got a chance to spend a little child, and the little girl, on the contrary, showed the wonders of adult discernment. We think this series was very fun ».

JSC "Lebedyansky" launched in the Russian air a new ad campaign juice "Orchard" with the slogan, "Wow, fruit", devoted to the exploits of the juice factory workers. The idea presented in the format of the Soviet magazine show called "Wow, fruits," which tells the story of a factory "Orchard", where the juice is made of the same name.

Creative Agency developed los magnificos, which in 2006 developed the campaign "Happiness - it's just».

Another "children Juice" has launched a campaign called "The Club" Nursery-Garden "in April.

In the story of the first roller four kids - adventurers of the "Club" Nursery-Garden "are going on the road to conquer the next summit. Children are actively moving forward - who have their feet and the smallest hero also did not lag behind their friends and tirelessly crawling behind them. A moment later, we see that the kids stopped at the roller coaster that is just the pinnacle for them that promises great climbing and a great descent!

The video was created in collaboration with the agency Leo Burnett.

Since last November, Juice "Good" launched two clips on the theme "Share the good." First there was the spot "Taxi Driver," in which a man late at the airport taxi driver suddenly watered juice. And then there was video, "smith", in which a fragile girl regaled juice mechanic, break it Matiz.

And in April, Leo Burnett Moscow released a video titled "Ladybug».

The idea of ​​video is that nature takes care of all his creatures, not forgetting human rights. "Good," I took on the nature of the most useful - extracts of herbs and berries and added them to their nectars to help people take care of their loved ones.

In the story roller early summer morning with the sunrise open daisies, one of which from the coolness of the night hiding ladybug. It spreads its red wings and flies toward a new day. On the way, she meets two small bugs, which on the summer rain covers care flower rose hips.

The company Aqua Vision 2007 "from scratch" launched juice BotaniQ, completed in Istra near Moscow, Russia's largest juice factory.

"We can produce 300 million liters per year, by the end of the year to increase the capacity to 500 million by 2009 will reach the billion", - says the president of Aqua Vision Stanislav Odintsov. Billion liters - almost 40% of Russia's current consumption. The problem is now solved for the sale of vice president of commerce Igor Burgardt, previously headed the direction of "juice" in "Lebedyansky". It was he who brought the idea to pour juice in transparent PET bottles. Satisfied he brand.

"Now all the big manufacturers make the juice of sufficient quality raw material, so why maintain an artificial division into categories?" - Surprised Burgardt. In botaniQ, like other producers, too, have a wide price range of products, but in addition to the price they differ, and in fact that is easy to understand. The "face" of the brand - fruit puree botaniQ Original. Following is cheaper botaniQ 1QQ - one hundred percent juice. Then carbonated Fruit & Gazz, then drink "every day", completes the line botaniQ Aqua, just water.

The idea is supported by a strong advertising: in 2007, Aqua Vision has spent her € 20 million in the next five years will invest another € 150 million. BotaniQ for creative development in Ukraine are engaged in a creative bureau Sahar.

In October 2007, "Borodino" launched in Moscow and the Moscow region campaign for premium juice Mr.Juice rather strange, but curious campaign made based on the movie series about James Bond, and specifically on the latest movie, "Casino Royale." With this campaign, as well as subsequent marketing activities a group of companies "Borodino" plans to expand its market share in the Moscow segment of expensive juice to 10% next year.

An example of using celebrities in advertising juices can be seen in advertising campaigns juices Biola. Producer of juice summer spent for traditional FMCG market share of lottery among buyers. TV spots were part of the promotional support of the action. The agency TMA Draft Ukraine has attracted the participation of sports celebrities and created spots with pathos rather unexpected beginning and end, showing how to relax and have fun Ukrainian sports stars.

One of the leaders of the juice market in Kazakhstan - RG Brands Kazakhstan, owner of the brand Da Da. Panda Advertising Advertising agency this year launched a campaign for them is not new, but it's working idea. The campaign commercials juices grew right in the trees. Thus passed the message "juice" Yes Yes "the same natural, like real fruit».

Advertising was aimed to focus the minds of consumers in the exceptional natural juices "Yes, yes", which will stand out among competitors. Despite the seeming simplicity of the message, one of the competing brands in Kazakhstan has not made emphasis on natural juices, and therefore an opportunity to "stake out" is the positioning of the brand, "Yes Yes».

Perm juice producer "Sunfruit" launched in October campaign for juices "Pretty Boy." Two rollers, published on the central channels contain ambiguous hints. Woman talking on the juice, called him by name only brand that allows the viewer to think that it was a handsome man, who was "at all enough" and that can be "in the order number on the phone».

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