10 amazing ways to camouflage marine life

Small fish - easy prey for larger predators. When it comes to surviving in the ocean, it turns out that the best way to avoid being eaten - a good disguise. We offer you a selection of ten facts about marine life that have achieved excellence in the field.

1. Striped sea sobachka

This is a small fish inhabit the tropical waters and can change its color. Depending on the color of the environment, it can become an olive, orange, black or blue.

Although the change of color - the best way to avoid the dangers, sea dog - a predator, and gladly uses his abilities to ambush and eat smaller fish.

2. Transoktopus Mimikus

This octopus can change not only the color but also the body to become like the other species. It can copy the appearance and behavior of sea snakes, stingrays, flounder, jellyfish, sea anemones, shrimps and crabs. Since the octopus can masquerade as a dangerous animal, it is able to so frighten off predators and move freely in the ocean.

3. Striped ambliapist

This fish - one of the laziest in the ocean. While others are looking for secluded corners, where you can hide, ambliapist just drifting. His body is at this moment resembles a dry leaf, so that predators are being ignored.

4. Trubokryl

Trubokryl, a relative of the sea horse, like a seaweed. Long, thin and resembles a simple hollow tube, he swims very close to the ocean floor.

This animal does not seek food, preferring to suck tiny pieces that float past his own mouth. To predators do not pay attention to it, trubokrylu enough to look like grass, but when it's time for the reproduction of the animal "moves" in the coral reef, which slowly changes color to match the new environment.

5. Tryapichnik

Movement - a good tip predators, whether there is a potential meal or not. Most fins rag-picker is almost completely transparent, so it is very difficult to detect when it is moving. The remaining fins are similar to algae, in which the fish live, and this helps her hide from hungry predators.

6. Korinopoma

Just as men take a shower before a date, type korinopoma males, which is also called tetra-dragons forced before mating brush up. They did not do like the more attractive fish - that would be too easy. They just have a leg like a food, and her male kornipomy discharged from the body before mating. When the females bite the leg, their bodies are in the best position for mating.

7. Mediterranean karapus

According to this fish is better to disguise their own can only be giving this work to other animals. Karapus climbs into the anus of the sea cucumber and lives in it. Sometimes only the head sticking shelter fish, and when the danger it can completely disappear.

In fact karapus eats the internal organs of the sea cucumber, while living within it, but as sea cucumbers can grow their new bodies, then against such a neighborhood do not mind.

8. Shrimp Koleman

These shrimp are very similar to the fish-clown - bright neon white with orange, which has a habit of occasionally lean out of the thickets of sea anemones, which is usually hidden. But unlike clown fish, shrimp and Coleman have yet quaint fin, which helps them find shelter better. Some species of sea urchins have a bright coloring, which repeats the pattern of the bull shrimp. Shrimp enough to reside near the hedgehogs to hide from danger.

9. Black marble bychki

It's time to remember the octopus at No. 2 on our list. Small marble goby pretends that it is the octopus. While octopuses change shape, this fish stealthily arranged next to him and pretends to be one of its tentacles. So she not only has access to any meal larger neighbor, but also uses it as a shield against predators.

10. Marine chёrt

Through a combination of incredible tricks with infinite patience angler - is the king of the ocean in disguise. Right out of his head appears luminous bait. It hangs in front of his mouth, promising to be easy prey for anyone who wants to eat. As the angler is virtually invisible due to low-key color, it remains only to wait for prey. Well, at least gullible fish die happy - angler allows them to death bite himself for bait.

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