Dreamlike beauty - Arabian and Andalusian horses

From the magical pictures of Arab and Andalusian horses Wojtek Kwiatkowski literally breathtaking. He is the author and publisher of the world's most famous books on the Arabian breed horses. In this area, he has a lot of experience. For 25 years he has collected quite an impressive library of photos about this breed in Poland.
Arabian horse first appeared in the Arabian Peninsula. Due to the special shape of the head and tail set high, this breed will learn throughout the world. It is also one of the oldest breeds - Archaeological excavations have shown that similar to the Arab horse has lived 4500 years ago.
Andalusian horse, also known as Thoroughbred horse was bred in the Iberian Peninsula. Her ancestors have lived here for thousands of years. Private Andalusian breed appeared in the 15th century, and for centuries its appearance has changed little.

1. The Spanish horse - Fantasy The most common color of Andalusian horse - gray, although there are others. They are known for their wit, sensuality and obedience. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

2. Arabian horses - Kumoterki. The Arabian horse is very mobile. They are especially fond of endurance races, but happy to take part in other competitions. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

3. Arabian horses Arabian horses have a distinct wedge shape, broad forehead, large eyes, large nostrils and a small face. Many characteristic concave profile. Many horses of this breed also has a small bump on the forehead between the eyes. They say that it helps the horse to dry environmental conditions in which this breed was formed. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

4. A dog and a horse. Arabian horses spread around the world because of wars and trade, they had to improve other breeds by adding them to speed, endurance and strong bones. Today the blood of the Arabian horse can be found in almost any breed of modern racehorse. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

5. The Spanish horses - Conquistador This breed was known for his courage, as war-horse, and appreciated for the noble blood. The Spanish government has used this breed as a tool of diplomacy, and many kings of Europe had in their stables of the best representatives of the breed. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

6. Arab horse with sunrise light cavalry endurance and mobility of Arabian horses gave military advantage of any army in which they were. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

7. Horses with hollow profiles seemed furious, and set high tails are often attracted the attention of artists in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, where these horses are often portrayed in the war or during hunting. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

8. Arab breed more than others presented in endurance competitions due to its durability. Is the leading breed in such competitions as «Tevis Cup», in which the horse is covered 160 km. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

9. Another characteristic of the Arabian breed - arched neck with a large throat on a clear podsheynike. In the best of the breed long and slender neck. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

10. Other features Arabian horse - a relatively long raised croup and naturally high tail set. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

11. As is the case with other warm-blooded, sensual and mind Arabian horse help her learn quickly and well to communicate with their riders; however, these bad habits horses learn as quickly as good, so this breed does not tolerate offensive or inappropriate relationship. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

12. Andalusian horses are known for their mobility and ability to quickly learn complex movements, such as turning on the hips. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

13. While many Arabian horses appear white, they are not white. White hair color is usually created by the natural action of gray gene, and all of the Arab horse is actually gray. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

14. Andalusian horses have long, thick manes and tails. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

15. According to legend, the Bedouins, Allah created the Arabian horse from the four winds - the spirit of the North, South, strength, speed and intelligence of the East West. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

16. The Arab - one of the oldest breeds in the world. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

17. Andalusian horses, the growth of which is 157 - 168 cm, elegant and perfectly tailored. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

18. At the World Equestrian Games in 2002, two Andalusian horses were in the team dressage, who received a bronze medal. The same team took silver at the Summer Olympics in 2004 (photo not the team). (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

19. However, historically Andalusian horses were also used in the pastoral economy, especially for the bulls from the Iberian known for their aggressive temperament. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

20. Horses with a clear head shape and high tail set depicted in the art of ancient Egypt in the 16th century BC (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

21. Arabian horse. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

22. Today in North Aemrike registered Arabian horses more than the world put together. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

23. Several Arab horses of Polish origin Nazis confiscated and imported into the United States after World War II. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

24. In the 80s Arabian horses have become a popular status symbol, and sold them as works of art. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

25. Prices for this breed in the United States soared after the auction, in which a horse named Love Potion was sold for 2, $ 55 million in 1984, and the most expensive was the Arabian horse stallion Padron, sold for $ 11 million. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

26. By 2003, in the United States conducted a study in which found that 67% of purebred Arabian horses bred for leisure riding. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

27. Arabian horse originated in the Arabian desert, and all Arabian horses somehow relate to this source. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

28. Thoroughbred Arabian horse is one that is registered in the Arab book thoroughbred horses. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

29. Arabian horses are very mobile and often appear in activities such as horse racing disciplines on content in the saddle, hunting and riding, endurance races, youth competitions, horsemanship and many others. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

30. For those who are not interested in competition, Arabian horses fit just for riding and working on the farm. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

31. Arabian horses are involved in a wide variety of activities, including fairs, movies, parades, circuses and others. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

32. Arabian horses can often be seen on posters individual teams. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

33. The Andalusian horses are used for racing, entertainment and exhibitions. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

34. The majestic appearance of an Andalusian horse with its curved neck, muscular structure and energetic gait made it a popular breed for the filming of movies, especially in historical and fantasy genre. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

35. Arabian horses are also used in search and rescue operations, and sometimes the police. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

36. Andalusian horse - the real stars great movie. They can be seen in such films as "Gladiator," "Interview with the Vampire," "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life" and "Braveheart". These horses also appeared in such motion pictures as "Lord of the Rings," "King Arthur" and "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

Source: bigpicture.ru


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