Dreamlike beauty - Arabian and Andalusian horses

From the magical pictures of Arab and Andalusian horses Wojtek Kwiatkowski literally breathtaking. He is the author and publisher of the world's most famous books on the Arabian breed horses. In this area, he has a lot of experience. For 25 years he has collected quite an impressive library of photos about this breed in Poland.
Arabian horse first appeared in the Arabian Peninsula. Due to the special shape of the head and tail set high, this breed will learn throughout the world. It is also one of the oldest breeds - Archaeological excavations have shown that similar to the Arab horse has lived 4500 years ago.
Andalusian horse, also known as Thoroughbred horse was bred in the Iberian Peninsula. Her ancestors have lived here for thousands of years. Private Andalusian breed appeared in the 15th century, and for centuries its appearance has changed little.

1. The Spanish horse - Fantasy The most common color of Andalusian horse - gray, although there are others. They are known for their wit, sensuality and obedience. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

2. Arabian horses - Kumoterki. The Arabian horse is very mobile. They are especially fond of endurance races, but happy to take part in other competitions. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)

3. Arabian horses Arabian horses have a distinct wedge shape, broad forehead, large eyes, large nostrils and a small face. Many characteristic concave profile. Many horses of this breed also has a small bump on the forehead between the eyes. They say that it helps the horse to dry environmental conditions in which this breed was formed. (Wojtek Kwiatkowski)


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