Fishing in Astrakhan

In September this year we went on a fishing trip in Astrakhan. A series of my stories. Let's go.

For a long time we planned to go fishing in Astrakhan to our favorite fishing spot, and finally the opportunity came. The route ran as follows: Tula - Yelets - Lipetsk - Tambov - Urjupinsk - Volgograd - Ahtubinsk - Kharabali - Astrakhan - Volodarsky. In total, almost 1,500 km. On the way across interesting shots, so I decided not to miss them. But unfortunately favorite Volgograd I never managed to photograph.

This has already become a tradition - with trips over long distances with Stella photographed at the border of the Tula region.

Hairstyle in the style of "Evening Urgant" hints that the car somehow closely because of the large amount of collected items.

The first halt was made for a snack after a few kilometers.

Coffee, eggs, bread and mayonnaise. What else do you need for this road travelers?


Lipetsk region is famous for its pine forests. Indeed, the nature of it excellent.


Reeds rustled trees bent. Photo taken at speed.

Driving Urjupinsk head surfaced anecdote:

At the entrance exam to the university professor asks the applicant: - Tell us about collectivization.

- I do not know.

- Industrialisation.

- I do not know.

- About the XVII Congress of the party.

- I do not know.

- Who is Stalin?

- I do not know.

- Who is the Brezhnev?

- I do not know.

- Where are you?

- From Uryupinsk.

The professor said wistfully:

- Or maybe send all to such a mother and go to Urjupinsk ?!

Then we drove Volgograd, which you'll place I really wanted to shoot, but it did not work - we type in a hurry. And there was something to photograph: Motherland on Mamaev Hill, the main railway station, a number of different sites and different.

By midnight we were so tired from the road, it was decided to stop at the nearest motel. Naive ... By the way, any chance you are thinking of a long journey, it is necessary to take care of lodging in advance because after dark, wishing to stay overnight in low-cost apartments will be a great many, as happened with us. All the seats were occupied.

After passing through the Volga hydroelectric station and turning to Astrakhan, we decided to try his luck one last time and turned into a small hotel. At this time, luck was on our side. The picture was taken in the morning after spending the night.

Road to Astrakhan. Already begins steppe.

For this area is characterized by low, rigid and sparse vegetation. Gradually she begins to feel the spirit of the steppe.

PS - with panoramas passed. Yap no exports high resolution, and reduce no sense. The end will tell.

The next stop was at the plantation, selling fruits and vegetables. As told businessmen from neighboring countries, this variety of tomato was imported from Kazakhstan and has grown with us.

Approximately 50 km from the Astrakhan was seen here it is unusual for the Russian constitution, which does not take a picture was just impossible.

Inside the pyramid has a pin hole. Most likely through it concentrates cosmic energy.

And under the hole in the ceiling of a yellow chair on which anyone can sit and be filled with the rays of the universe.

Next to the chair are various stones with inscriptions and thanked the cup.

On the wall showed a strange sign, painted marker. I decided to shoot on memory. Egyptologists, tell me, what does it mean?

Still lastly. By the way, the pyramid has brought little benefit our trip. Until I went to photograph the construction guys asked for directions, just in case, and found that the bridge in front of Astrakhan is closed for renovation. Local showed us a shorter path on which we have saved 90 kilometers, and then an hour of road.

Bridge over Big Buzan.

Finally, we almost there. Ferry. From the point of appointment of several kilometers separates us.

Vasilyevskaya River. Here we are going to fish. In the past it was just nemerenno, let's see what will happen today.

Local fishermen returning with their catch.

Mist. It offers a great view.


HOORAY. We arrived. Mogul, kindly provided by our friend Georgi Atarbekov, much overgrown.

A lot of herbs. Territory for a long time no one did. It is unfortunate, but that's okay. Hands, hammer and profit.

Then came Georgi Atarbekov. At this point, we cut a large part of the "jungle", clearing the way for a place to rest. Of course in this day no fishing was not. They drank a glass of the visit, talked a bit, and lay down to rest after a long road.

After a night of rest, we woke up with the first ray of the sun. It is noteworthy that the sunrise begins much earlier than us. All the same, 1,500 km to the south side being felt. Thus, giving the brain a good coffee, we started to set up the kick gear and went to do a sample hook. A strong wind was blowing so much fish is not expected.

First in the "my best" (lure) took good rudd. The feeling that the fish eats everything has added to our confidence.

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And now a small video retreat under the name - "How not to catch the pike." It was the second bite of the morning. And we missed the first pike. After that bite was gone completely.

Following were the two really are not particularly big perch. Total catch the first morning was:

Evening Dawn is also not distinguished potychek abundance. All that was interesting at sunset is perhaps the rainbow.

Day Three

To avoid confusion in the chronology of the frame, I decided to start each morning with a sunrise pictures. The next day was more full of different events. Despite the constant wind the fish decided that the weather is the weather, but still want to eat, and of course we took advantage of this moment.

Our bank with which we fished. Oh, and before standing on the mound Georgi Atarbekov pier to the bridge. This year, he pulled it to the shore, so we had to go a little further away.

The first was a small pencil hungry, we decided to leave. I took the vertushok.

Footprints in the twister took a medium-sized perch. But the wind is not going to subside.

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Another pike, a little better first. It can not but rejoice. From the beginning of our arrival an hour passed.

After half an hour trolling to catch another pike.

And behind her is another.

Total catch of the morning 4 1 pike perch. Worse than we would like, but it's better than it could be. Fourth pike already washed away in the river at this point.

That's it.

Pickerel pike to go directly to the ear.

And preparing for covering outdoorsy field glade.

And here is the soup is ready. Via Instagram. The result was golden and Succulent with two pickerels amazing.

Meanwhile, the other two with a pike perch ready to turn from simple gold in our smokehouse.

Fumade overall appearance.

What a lunch on vacation in nature without 40 grams? The food is cooked, the glasses are poured, sliced ​​lettuce.

Aka Instargram.

Ah, fresh Ushytsya. She recently swam in the river. This is not chilled fish from the Spar. :)

After such a heavy lunch, afternoon came drёm. The view from my private apartment :)

Digested delicious and hearty lunch we went to the beach to catch a new batch of fish, but we have come to the cows to drink.


And a few minutes later he came Georgi Atarbekov to see how we are organized. We collected gear and went to meet the guests. With his son Georgi Atarbekov came Renat.

After talking about this and that, he offered to take away his boat. What we happily agreed. Near the house, in Georgi Atarbekov Blinov. Given that Aboriginal people live on the island without the pipeline and at the same time each year in the spring the river overflows, it is necessary to rely only on themselves. Every household lives on his farm. Summer to locals it's time for winter preparations. Georgi Atarbekov prepared in advance. In Astrakhan, more or less summer and hay in the winter is, the cattle will be fed.

Aviary for evil, very evil hunting dog. At first it seemed to us empty. Podhoshli to the grid. No one was in sight, but clearly audible - Urrrrr-ppp - PPP district. I do not understand. Podhoshli closer. Growling even stronger. And here we see a dog who sits in a frozen pose and watching us. Interestingly, the dog no movement, it just sits there frozen and expresses its dissatisfaction with the guests visiting strangers. In the eyes of the sheer sadness and humility, like - "Hey, bitch, would open the door, I would you asses the porazorval be."

Just some kind of frame which can be seen from the old body zhopera, a trailer for the boat and the house of a neighbor Georgi Atarbekov.

A range of steppe.

Only one station of cellular communication of the entire village.

Georgi Atarbekov daughter, 4 years old, but she already understands that if the father arrived, you have to open the gate to the car and let her father.

Almost the entire population of the island - the Kazakhs. I am not going to say exactly for all residents, but among those whom we met did not see any Russian. Despite the fact that this is not the reason for the differences between the nationalities, it is simply stating a fact.

Without subsistence farming on the island simply can not survive. Neighbor Georgi Atarbekov displays of sheep grazing.

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Next we loaded the dinghy (boat) on a trailer and took it to the mound. Since no gum or rope or anyone had not been provided, it fell to the boat with a trailer on it to sit one person and the weight of his body pressed against her. That man was naturally I.

Meanwhile, on our return to the mound, fish from a simple turned into gold, and I was so fascinated with food, he forgot about the photo report. One pike we already ate. Recollecting himself after. In general, it has just become a gold fish.

Sunset. He curtain today.

PS - right now, and will continue to have a smoke. Do not break, and please be patient. I at least have your F5 Jam spread, and there is still 4 days

Last night Georgi Atarbekov invited us to go fishing at the bottom, near the nature reserve, which is slightly lower than Gazprom's database. So, the morning rise, going to his pre-parked our UAZ and slowly going. It is noteworthy that allowed local people more hungry than to caress a piece of bread.

Dog on the cry of Linda when stroking stopped in the same position without moving any limb of the body.

Probably afraid to frighten off a moment of happiness.

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Then we got into the boat with motor and sail downstream, taking with him the Rostov cake.

A little later, the wheel got Renat son Georgi Atarbekov. Interestingly, a guy in his 14 years, is able to hunt, to fish, to drive the melt. money, cars, and drive herds, which are on an island in the steppes nemerenoe set.

I went recreation Gazprom, which, by the way, Georgi Atarbekov works gamekeeper.

Villas Muscovites.


The former residence of the late VS Chernomyrdin.

Once Georgi Atarbekov was a personal ranger VS Chernomyrdin. From archival images. Viktor Stepanovich think you have learned. Georgi Atarbekov, I think, is also not difficult to guess.

Modest lotus near Gazprom's recreation.

And once, just below were the whole lotus fields. Once again, convinced that the man - the enemy of the environment. Archive picture of 2006.

Anyway, we arrived at the place, located on the boundaries of the reserve, and have placed gear. Right on the catfish on a frog on the cake left on the carp.

Same place, different perspective.

Leaving his wife, son, and my half bro we went to Georgi Atarbekov baubles. There was a strong wind and the fish was taken only along the coast. Naturally, my first pike :).

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After that, Georgi Atarbekov took me to another Eric, where he left. What came out of it, see for yourself.

Half an hour later I was taken to the original landing site, which already prepared the ear of my first pike and caught the guys sazanchika.

Golden on the coals with smoke. Beauty is, right?

All solid catch yushku left.

Carp roe ... beauty

After Georgi Atarbekov took us to pike Eric, where we have caught something. Another one of my pike.

I have a 46 foot size. I put shoes for comparison. Matchbox with him was not.

Just 10 minutes later I caught another pencil. Compared to other pike.

The next river predator caught my step bro.

Renat the consolidated bro baubles.

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Then we went to check the reeds apart zhmyhovnitsy put to the carp.

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And a Donkey, throw on tarashku, we pulled a small catfish. Beginner course, but what else to expect in the middle of a sunny day in a constant wind downstream ?!

During the time until we had to catch another sazanchik. Then we're back to the clearing of blackberry, boiled tea with freshly picked berries

Beauty, right?

The catch of the day. Better than the last, you agree? :) My healthy catch pike, headed ...

Happy Gnome.

The catch of the day. Better than the last, you agree? :) My healthy catch pike, headed ...

Drunk, but still a happy gnome :)

My healthy pike in smoked form gilded. :) Report failed this day ends - you can see for yourself poker chips, shot glasses, bread, ketchup and diluted tincture.

But that's not the end of the post :)))

The previous day was so saturated that today we decided to take a break from most of the rest. Especially as the wind increased, the water was turbulent, and the fish do not bite too much. But spend the day fishing without spinning in your hand, you see, it would be a crime.

It began as usual with the sunrise at 6 am.

From the river still steaming. Interesting features of the area: After sunrise, the air temperature is heated to 30-35 degrees, but there comes a real autumn sunset. With the last rays of the sun immediately begins to fall dew and forgotten on the table things like toilet paper and matches an hour turned into something that is no longer possible to use.

The only copy of the morning dawn. Small chub. Where your mother got to the fish ???

Angry and hungry, we went back to the camp where we were waiting for spaghetti with pike. 0_o Yeah yeah. Exactly. Asked to ready - cheyto ?! The answer - well, the type of Asian cuisine, they're all eating fish, etc. :) As you know is dangerous to argue with the chef - there is an option the next time to try something more exotic. With ketchup went perfectly, I want to tell you a taste of smoked pike would add a unique spicy flavor.

On this day, we came to the end of the supply of drinking water and to use water from the river, as do the locals, we decided not to. We are going to Multanovo. The picture before leaving.

So very pleased with the dwarf. He knows that we take the beer.

Above us we are located downstream from Moscow. So who is to blame, that to us does not reach below the fish !!!

On the way, we caught up with a small boat.

And now the village itself. Began the homes of local residents. These pictures do not convey in any way feeling the life of local Aboriginal people to feel it necessary to go there. If you look at these pictures, you say - we in any city, it will once again confirm my words. Hay meal for livestock will not hay - no cattle, cattle will not - will not be eating. And in the spring, when the river overflows, the store is almost no food. Live as you can.

Almost every home satellite dish. In the evening watching telly necessary.

That is the difference between urban residents and rural natives. If we go to the store every day to buy food, the village people just buy more if necessary - bread, matches, sugar, salt and vodka. The rest are grown on their own.

Multanovsky school. Here the guys learn from the only two villages on the island and Multanovo Blinov, the difference between which is 6, 5 km away.

Students. When he saw me with camera in hand, one girl screamed to her friends - see, look, we have removed. I tried to quickly hide the camera, and then suddenly people think that's not it. We'd have thought.

The local church in a terrible state. This is not surprising, Kazakhs Muslim by religion.

On the door of the shop hung a sign "Accounting". But the good woman, who lives in the neighborhood, seeing that we're going to go look for another shop, cried - "Right now I call her, she will open. It is for local accounting. For visitors it is always open.









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