My trip to Peru.

So I pulled the devil (or rather his wife) to go this summer for a vacation in Peru. We choose a tour to twelve days' alluring beaches of Tumbes Peru plus "given the fact that the last three days of rest and lie on the beach. Here's what came of it.

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Day One:
Arrival in Lima. Himself flight from Amsterdam to Lima is about twelve hours, we flew from Kiev, so if you take into account all waiting in airports, the nabezhit twenty hours. You get tired. At passport control, we stamped so-called visa, which is a common piece of paper, with your passport (and other) data, forms the handing back in the plane for an hour before landing, you fill them yourself. Now, all with passports need to submit a visa, so we must cherish it as the apple of his eye. When leaving the country take this piece of paper.
Here we are in Peru. The weather is quite warm, somewhere + 24 ° C. But the local people walking in boots and jackets. They now have winter! Over the winter, Lima is constantly weighs smog sun invisible, sometimes drizzling rain. When getting into the car, guide surprised us with a request to put the bags in the trunk of all that we do not need in the car. This is due to the fact that Peru is a country of the Third World and the drug trade is catching up with Colombia, so that in Lima very high levels of crime, and we will pass on not very favorable area. Houses in these areas typically have no more than two floors, it is not explained by poverty, and strong seismic activity. The roofs on the houses are mainly flat, because the amount of precipitation during the year there is very little.
Our hotel «La Hacienda» is an hour's drive from the airport, in the area of ​​Miraflores. Miraflores is considered a prestigious and safe area, so that you can walk on it without fearing for their lives and purse. Is it necessary to be very careful at pedestrian crossings, drivers of minibuses in Lima just obezbashennym, such foolhardiness our never dreamed of. The lobby bar near the Reception and put a lot of any antiquities: statues, pots, etc. etc. As it turns out it's all the originals, the innkeeper once bought all this for the money.

But the room as 4 star looks very clumsy: two beds, mini-bar, chair, desk, TV, and of a bathroom. When you register we were given an invitation to their bar on two free cocktail Pisco Sour - a mixture of lime, syrup, egg whites and Pisco. Not bad. Pisco (Pisco) - is the most common local alcohol strength 39-44 degrees, made from grapes. Ordered sample pisco pure, taste it I recalled our good brew, you can drink, but vodka is better, although the taste and color ...
We decided to go to the supermarket, which, as we have explained is a five minute walk from the hotel. Drink martinis for coming and sleep. Liter bottle of Martini (less simply was not) cost us 39 salts. A few words of the local currency. Salt - translated as the sun. One dollar is worth 2.70 salts, it is considered a good rate. With the exchange of no problems, a lot of exchangers, can also be changed in the hotel for receptions, like the first time I did. In addition, in most shops you can pay directly in dollars, they rate the change is likely to be issued in the salts. 23:30 sleep.
Day Two:
6:00 ascent. Although we woke up at 3:00, choyto not sleep (maybe on climate change), finishing their martinis. We go down to breakfast. For breakfast "buffet" of choice: tea, coffee, bread. If you like, you can fry the bread in the toaster. Four stars after all. So we ate "from the belly." In general, the impression that the hotel was given 4 stars just for the ancient tsyatsi that put on public display at the bottom.

We're going to the airport, fly to the city of Cusco. There is already unlike Lima, we kindly sun shines its rays of radiation. In Cuzco, and wherever the sun shines, it should definitely be smeared sunblock as burn in a matter of hours. I can not stand all sorts of creams and not smear, burned the same day, then all travel clambered face.
12:00 settle in hotel «San Agustin El Dorado». Those four stars, the same situation in the room, but the atmosphere is somehow more pleasant and more cozy. Before the flight to Cuzco advised skimp pills from altitude sickness. Since the city is situated at an altitude of 3200 meters, pressure and lack of oxygen can not very well affect your health. They also say that helping the local candy with coca leaves, which are then sold at every step; You can simply buy coca leaves, they also roll, stand - 2 pickling package (half cup), and chew them, as do local. I tried to chew - disgusting. It is better to brew the tea, which is also in their honor. Tea made from dried coca leaves reminded me of the taste of mother and stepmother.
A couple of hours after the settlement go to the Temple of the Sun Coricancha. It is located almost in the center of the city. In view of an ordinary museum, built on the ruins of the temple. There's you and ruins, and pictures (even when written by the Spaniards), and traditional clothing. We walk, look, listen.

Then we go to the temple complex of Sacsayhuaman, look and admire the ruins of the huge stones of which they were erected, and this given the fact that the Incas did not know the wheel! Some stones are very large indeed. Applaud, applaud, applaud finished.


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