Long-haired wonder horse

At the end of 1800-ies in Oregon, USA were performed wild horses appreciated for their exceptional appearance and gorgeous mane. This wild species called Oregon wild long-haired wonder horse. A characteristic feature of this breed was a unique brown color and an incredibly long mane and tail.

In early 1870 he was caught the first stallion named "Oregon." and it tied with the Clydesdale Mare gave birth to in captivity, first the Mare, nicknamed "the Queen of Oregon" by the owners which are brothers Rutherford. These two horses have brought real money to the accounts of their owners.

Linus was born in 1884 and was a descendant of a long-haired breed of Oregon wild horses. Brothers Rutherford sold the horse to a circus on wheels, where Linus for many years, demonstrated its glorious long mane and appearance. This wonderful horse was gathered a crowd of onlookers whether it is fair, show the Playground or the Museum. Until 1887 he was watched by a huge number of tourists, before Linus died tragically from a lightning strike. Fortunately, he brought a son named Linus II, in honor of the handsome father.

Linus II was sold in 1890 to Eaton Brothers, in Boston, for $ 30000, at that time it was a fortune. He had a huge success at exhibitions for several years. He was offered $ 60,000 but Eatons rejected the proposal in his possession until his death, he died in 1894.

Linus II was recognized as the most perfect type of equine beauty in the world, his proud posture only added to its natural splendour. He behaved like a worthy successor of his wild ancestor of the "king of Oregon".

By careful breeding and selection of more than twenty-five years, with the first Mare of the family, Rutherford managed to identify the breed "Horses Miracle" on a reliable Foundation breeding. However, this is already the first horses of this breed will not be because nature has gone wild horses of the legendary breed.

Well-groomed and well-fed Linus was featured in the magazine Scientific American:

In the brochure for the show was written the following: "within 4 years his mane and tail grew at about 3 inches per month, and has now reached its climax. Its color – glossy-brown-Golden. The hind legs and muzzle are white, the mane and tail – delicate linen color. His "hair" continues to grow, but more slowly. Linus proudly holds his head and is proud of the admiring glances of visitors. His mane is 14 feet in length, and the tail – 12."

"Wonder horses" of Oregon are characterized by great length hair mane and tail, which for length and thickness, has no equal in the world. Since these horses were bred in captivity this growth of beautiful silky hair increased with each generation. The wonderful endurance and intelligence of this breed of horses is obvious to all who are familiar with horses. Another distinguishing feature of this remarkable breed of horses is their color. Rich and full-bodied chestnut brown color says about their purebred origin. There is no doubt that the "Oregon wonder horse" is a true descendant of the first horses brought to America by Cortez, the conqueror of Mexico. Probably some of them escaped and created this breed with the wild horses.

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