The most famous horse breed

For centuries, horses loved and respected throughout the world. They were used as a working animal agriculture and other industries, as well as in the military and sports purposes. A variety of the needs of people in the history of their communication with the horse made it necessary to create and generate highly specialized breed of horses. According to some agencies in 1993, worldwide there were 427 species. However, below is a list of just the ten most famous and numerous.

Andalusian horse

Andalusian horse - the most famous breed of horses in Spain, a native of the Iberian Peninsula. Distributed throughout Europe. As a separate breed was recognized in the 15th century. Throughout its history, the Andalusian horse is very appreciated among the nobility, and was known for his prowess. It is a medium-sized (150-160 cm) tightly folded, elegant horse with a long mane and tail. Considered one of the most beautiful breeds in the world.

Welsh Pony and Cob

Welsh Pony and Cob - a breed of horses originated in Wales, UK. These small horse whose height ranges from 112 to 163 cm, are known for their endurance, courage and high level of intelligence.

Tennessee Walking

Tennessee Walking - famous breed of horses, which took place in the south of the United States in the late 18th century. rock height 147-173 cm, weight 410-540 kg. Known for his temper and pliable soft gait.

Morgan Horse

Morgan - a compact, sophisticated breed, one of the oldest breeds of horses bred in the United States. Known for its versatility. Used as a draft, horse, running, universal mount, and as the cavalry horses during the American Civil War. Their height ranges from 145 to 157 cm.


Appaloosa - a very hardy breed of horses bred in the US Indian tribes do not Perce living in the eighteenth century, in the north-eastern Oregon. The breed is known for its spotted coat color. The height of a horse 142-163 cm, weight 450-500 kg.

Thoroughbred horse

Thoroughbred horse - riding horses breed from England. They are the fastest horse in the world, which for short distances are able to develop an average speed of about 60 km / h. The absolute record belongs to a stallion named Beach Rekitu that in Mexico City at a distance of 409, has a top speed of 26 m 69, 69 km / h. The height of the Thoroughbred horse is 157-173 cm, 163 cm on average.

Mini horse

Mini-horse - a breed of horses, characterized by low growth (up to 86 cm). Distributed in many countries, especially in Europe and America. Mini horse innate jumpers, they are friendly and interact well with people. For this reason, they are often kept as domestic animals family. Also, they are used instead of guide dogs.

American Paint Horse

American Paint Horse - muscular, strong breed of horse that combines quality performance with elegant cowboy horse pinto suit. The growth of this breed varies between 142-160 cm Average life expectancy -. '31

. American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse - the most popular horse breed of horses in the United States, created in the XIX century by breeding Thoroughbred, Morgan and Canadian. It is the most numerous breed in the world (about 4 to 6 million individuals registered). Their height varies between 142-163 cm, weight 430-545 kg. Enjoy the calm and friendly character. Easy teachable.

Arabian horse

Arabian horse - the universal ancient breed of horses originated in the Arabian Peninsula in the IV - VII centuries. It is one of the most recognizable and well-known horse breeds in the world. It features high endurance, especially in runs of more than 100 miles. Their average height -. 153, 4 cm Many of the representatives of this species live up to 30 years.


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