The leader of the Redskins. Kyiv edition.

Almost all of us as a child wanted to violate any parent ban. (Who would not like, please send contact information - I would like to meet. That is to say, to fill a gap. As long as there is no such friends).

What is really there is more in this act - self-assertion, the alleged initiation to the mysterious world of adults, or something - I will not say it's not my diocese. But like us, like children at all times, and current kids are no exception. Such is the magnetic power of the forbidden fruit. And announce space "do not touch it! you can not "," do not go there, "" go home "and other lamentations parent at the precise moment when to do it well, did not want to. And you want the exact opposite.
In a separate topic, perhaps you can identify the taboo table for adults. It is understandable - you guzzle it all very tasty, and we, as always, cakes and other nepotreb. And I was almost an adult. Or will they become, if I tried. Well how here resist. Often occur disappointment. Because beer or dry wine, for example, when the first sample does not seem so delicious, how blissful those seen on adults. But admit it to others can not be in any case, serious guys do not.
That Hleb and not admitted. And rightly so. This red-and especially the leader, this will not do ever. And Gleb such. Character O'Genri snuffle quietly in the corner by comparison.
And I caught this series Roman Nikonets. For what it tremendous respect. Make a series and go unnoticed, unscathed - well worth it.


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