The legend about the wise woman who gets what she wants

In the distant prehistoric times, when on a planet roamed terrible wild beasts, ready to eat anything they caught the eye when the climate was so cold that freeze and turn into an icicle was easier, than to find some food, when the heat was maddening,lived a tribe, and in it a woman, which laid down the legend, and passed from mouth to mouth all women from mother to daughter.

No one remembers her name, but, thanks to her, all her daughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters and descendants are still not only get everything they want out of life, but also the luxury jewelry, fashionable outfits and a huge number of fans.

It all started like this.

In that year, the tribe desperately to defend from the increasing attacks of wild beasts.

Women defended themselves and hunted side by side with men. No one could imagine that women can stay in the caves and not to go hunting with the men. So it was – all the members of the tribe did everything together.

— Mining is difficult is in our hands, ' said the leader. – She wants us to become her snack. The hunger is waiting for us if luck does not turn to face us.

The tribe had not seen food for 10 sunsets. The power was gone from the bodies of soldiers. Visible drooping head in the shade of the cave, littered with huge boulders.

The growling and claws scraping on the boulders made to understand that the tribe is trapped.

The animals wanted to get people out of the cave and eating them, like a cat mice in his hole.

Suddenly one woman, looks no different from other stood up and approached the leader.

— You're a strong warrior, she said. — You are a clever hunter. You can run fast. Your speed is our salvation. No tiger is not like you. Because not only are you fast, you're smart. You can easily cheat this cat, and win, as before, will get you.

The woman's words reminded the chief of his old days and his head rose.

He liked to listen to her because of her strength returned to his muscles, along with dignity and pride.

She looked into his eyes and read in them: "Please don't stop, tell me more." And because she continued.

— We are a burden to you, glorious warrior. You are the one will kill him faster than with the crowd of women who are forced to defend. Quietly getting out of the cave, you will be the beast's surprise, he did not have time to rise, as your spear pierces his heart. I know it will be so! You kill it, we eat it, and then move to a place where we no creature will get. You will lead us to Paradise. I know it!

Having said that, the woman returned to his seat and sat down, closing his eyes. She expected nothing from the leader, she believed that this strong man will save them. And although the chief didn't move, she wasn't worried – the leader is always himself made the decisions.

It is noon of the 11th day. From the heat they fell asleep, and the woman fell asleep as well, and many others...

She woke up from the screams. All screaming excitedly and jumped, and she immediately realized that smeared in the blood of the leader is not wounded, but holds the meat. She realized that the leader won!

While everyone was sleeping, including huge saber-toothed tiger, tired of the sultry heat, the leader got out of the cave and pushed the stone at the beast. And while he is stunned rose, the leader jumped at him and thrust his spear through his heart.

The victory was so easy that the leader, slitting the belly of the tiger, couldn't quite believe their luck. Before, when he was hunting with the tribe, there were many losses, and food was always liberally spiced with sorrow for fallen comrades.

The leader understood how the woman believed in his victory, the wise and he wanted to approach her.

— You killed the beast, chief. You have saved us. You are a great warrior! I will always remember your feat. And, please, chief, take us to where we'll be safe.

— Well, woman, I will bring you there. And I thought to myself: "This woman is my lucky mascot. I want to hear the words of her faith in me every day. And, as long as she believes in me, I will always come to her for her faith!"

And the woman thought: "He needs me more than I'm in it! I'll inspire him to deeds. While I believe in him – he's mine!"

Years later she sang a lullaby to his daughter. Translated into our language the meaning of it was:

"Grow up – pick the man you believe with all your heart.

Each time tell him what you want to do for you, and he will do.

He needs his strength of faith, like the sun needs the planets around, as all the living air.

He wants you to become a hero.

He needs you, because without your faith he will not live until morning.

Trust in him and let your faith every day comes to him in your words.

If you speak to the man let the words be full of faith if we remain silent – even silence will also be full of faith in him.

And he will bring you what you want."

Here about this woman and her song I wanted to tell you, dear women, daughters and mothers. Let her song will help you to always get what you want easily and with peace in our hearts! published


©Mark Ifraimov

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! © econet



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