The most expensive gadgets planet

The other day all the spaces of the Internet spread the news that appeared in the sale of iPhone 4 worth $ 8 million dollars. But in fact there are many no less valuable gadgets.

So we invite you to see, and maybe choose a phone or tablet to taste. Although, to be honest, it's hard to say that such things are functionally comfortable. Imagine a tablet that weighs three kilos - is failing. However, those wishing to purchase such "miracles" with each passing day becomes smaller.

Nokia Supreme - 160,000 USD

Nokia Princess - 32,000 USD

Nokia Royal - 48,000 USD

Nokia Crown - 24,000 USD

24ct solid gold iPhone 4G - 36,000 USD

iPhone 3GS SUPREME - 3,000,000 USD

iPhone 3GS SUPREME Rose - 3,000,000 USD

iPhone 4G Diamond edition - 24,000 USD

Platinum & Diamond iphone 3GS - 40,000 USD

Diamond Apple iPhone 3GS - 16,000 USD

22ct solid gold iphone 3GS - 35,000 USD

Diamond Blackberry 9700 Bold II Elite - 24,000 USD

Bang & Olufsen Serenata Diamond Edition - 72,000 USD

iPad SUPREME ICE Edition - 130,000 USD

iPad SUPREME FIRE Edition - 176,000 USD

The solid Gold ipad SUPREME Edition - 210,000 USD

MacBook Air SUPREME ICE Edition - 225,000 USD

Macbook Air SUPREME FIRE Edition - 350,000 USD

The solid Platinum ipad SUPREME Edition - 480,000 USD

MacBook Air SUPREME Platinum Edition - 510,000 USD


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