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Apple presented the new generation of iPad. The plate was super screen and become faster, but the revolution did not happen. In San Francisco, the long-awaited presentation of the third version of the iPad. Everyone expected that the device will be marked as the iPad 3 or iPad HD, but Apple for some reason decided to confuse everyone: the tablet is proposed to call or just iPad, whether the "new iPad» (The New iPad). What you need to know about it?

Display The main advantage of the new iPad - a Super clear display Retina, which Apple intends to position as the "best in the history of mobile devices." Although the screen size has remained the same, it has doubled the resolution up to 2048 × 1536: Now it is placed more than 3 million pixels. "As long as you will not see it, you realize how beautiful it is," - summed up the senior vice president of Apple Phil Schiller. Design
The new iPad is not actually visually different from the iPad2: 10 inch rectangular device, 1 inch round button on the front panel. Reformers only the thickness and weight. Both options Apple had to adjust a little in a big way in favor of the new display and battery. On stage during a demonstration model figured extremely familiar black and white, so it is expected that the device is a coloring appear on prilavkah.

Apple vice president Phil Schiller blogged about the main advantages of the new iPad
iPad has more powerful A5 processor instead of the new iPad got A5X with quad-core graphics core. About RAM device at the presentation of silent, but it is possible that it was twice the size - 1 GB instead of 512 MB. Thus, no significant advantages over the iPad specifications before competitors do not have, but it was never scared Apple: the company continues to rely on the perfect harmony of the software and "iron» .

The cost of the new iPad with Wi-Fi will range from $ 499 to $ 699 depending on the size of the hard disk
Networks fourth generation iPad will support the LTE network on par with 3G. The tablet will also be able to turn into a personal wi-fi modem and the Internet to distribute other devices.
Camera The camera on the new iPad has significantly better (earlier were terrible) and can now take pictures with a resolution of 5 megapixels. The new iPad also allows you to record high-definition video (1080p), and built-in gyroscope to stabilize kartinku.

The cost of the new iPad with support for 3G + LTE range from $ 629 to $ 829
Pseudo-Siri iPad, contrary to some expectations, not the first creation after the Apple iPhone 4S, equipped with voice assistant Siri. Instead, the owners of the tablet is only offered to dictate messages and letters. Will the service to take the Russian language is not clear: Siri did not podderzhivaet.

New Retina display with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 - the main advantage of the new iPad
iPad for games Many are skeptical about the iPad, as a perfect device for video games, but that does not prevent Apple to position it that way. During the presentation, showed reporters a demo version of Sky Gamblers and Infinity Blade: Dungeons. Top managers are not tired of repeating how fantastic they look, but CEO Tim Cook hinted that Apple plans to continue to eat off handheld video game market share from its traditional owners - Nintendo and Sony.

Despite the increase in performance Apple claims that the duration of the new iPad will remain the same
iPad for work Apple continues to insist that the tablet can act as personal computers more often than people think. For a company significantly updated application suite iWork and iLife. At the presentation of a separate attention to iPhoto: application now using simple gestures allows you to perform a minimum set of photographs of all the manipulation - change the brightness, cut fragments and apply various effects.

Compact iPad is not to every last update line iPhone or iPad necessarily accompanied by the same hearing: simultaneously with the main model in the market will be its "budget" analog - compact and attractive price. This time it was about the iPad size of 8 inches, and its inevitable appearance explained by the following logic: it has to create competition in the price segment, is now occupied Amazon Kindle Fire and the various cheap Android-tablet. As before, the "little» iPad proved a myth. It is appropriate to recall the words of Steve Jobs: "They (the 7-inch tablets) will make sense only if you complete them put sandpaper, through which users can make their fingers about a quarter less».

Cost and start selling Concerning the new iPad Apple uses a similar pricing policy, as for his predecessors. The cheapest model - Wi-Fi-device version with 16 GB of memory - will cost $ 499. A similar model with 32 GB of memory will cost in the $ 599 and a 64 GB - at $ 699. Devices with support for 3G + LTE will cost from $ 629 to $ 829. Sales start on March 16 in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. A week later, the tablet will be in stores several dozens of countries, among which Russia traditionally there.

Summary The new iPad got a new super-display, a new camera and a new processor, but according to the new this did not, despite its name. The absence of the revolution could have a negative impact on sales against the background of growing competition from Amazon and Google. However, it should be recalled that a similar logic of the changes Apple practiced in the case of the transition from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S. The latter result, in a moment turned the fastest-selling device in the company's history. See also: On the iPad touch released Photoshop. Computer for $ 35 on sale. Future version of Android will be called in honor of the pie.



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