7 useful lessons that we received from Apple

"It just works"

policy of Apple is based not only on dry laws of the market, rather it is closer to philosophy and psychology, but its effectiveness is not in doubt - just look at the sales results "bitten apple". Due to this the company has reached the top? To your attention - seven lessons we can learn from history and achievements Apple.

1. Live simply, but osmyslennoChto always distinguished the products of the company from Cupertino gadgets from other manufacturers? When creating your Apple device draws attention not only to the technical characteristics, such as memory size, screen size and the number of megapixels in the camera. Employees of the corporation focused on the usability features of products to the buyers always remained only a pleasant experience, and their experience with the "apple" devices has been extremely positive.

The Apple gadgets each function is useful, every chip is practical application. Many companies tend to put on their smartphones and tablets the maximum possible number of functions often do not have meaning in practical use, Apple also places emphasis on thinking through the design and software devices to the smallest detail.

Take this policy adopted - if something does not make you good or becomes a source of constant stress, throw "a senseless function 'of your life, no matter what it takes. Unnecessary things, activities and relationships only bring discord in your thoughts and feelings. Why do you need a huge mansion, if you only use two rooms? Why buy a luxury sports car, if you ride on it only for work, pushing every morning in a traffic jam?

«design - a funny word. Some people think that design - this is how the thing looks. If you dig deeper, the design - this is how the thing works. "- Steve Jobs.

blockquote> 2. Add bright emotsiyVspomnite presentation of products Apple - they always contain elements of the show. Premieres gadgets presented as an unforgettable, amazing, intriguing, striking the imagination of the events that users begin to wait long before the announcement of specific dates. The Corporation holds until the last customer in suspense, creating an atmosphere around the upcoming devices mystery, almost magic that makes the whole world with keen interest the activities of her. When a new smartphone or tablet finally represent the general public, this event becomes a truly planetary scale.

Enjoy life in the same way as the "Yabloko" - a new gadget. Paint your everyday life with bright colors, amaze yourself and others! Strive to experience new sensations - visit unfamiliar places, communicate with interesting people, learn a foreign language, try yourself in unusual activities, be bold, create new opportunities. Fill your life with intrigue to the surrounding and you will expect from myself something extraordinary. But remember - everything is good in moderation.

If Apple releases new products every week, at the presentation gradually ceased to pay attention. Do not overreach in the pursuit of the eternal feast of emotions, always go back to the essence of your life: simplicity, usefulness and meaning. And yet - the impression should not be "the more extravagant the better" - they just have to be unforgettable.

3. "Synchronize" to your gadgets zhiznPopulyarnost «Apple» is associated not only with their exceptional quality - the company has come to success, including allowing customers to combine all their experience of using "apple" devices with iTunes and iCloud. Employees understand that the whole - more than any of its parts.

Your life is also greater than the sum of its components - health, family, relationships, work, material prosperity, and everything else. Everything in life is interconnected and put part of it on separate shelves impossible. It's hard to find marital happiness, if you are not able to provide even the material needs of the family and himself. If your family life is not going well, it is unlikely you will be able to build normal relationships with others. Not paying enough attention to health, you likely will not achieve success in their careers, and so on. When one side of your life there are troubles, problems begin in other areas.

"Synchronize" various aspects of life, achieve a balance between the two. Strive in all respect the principle of "simplicity, utility, meaning».

4. Do not stop at dostignutomApple known for its revolutionary technologies - many of its products have been advanced in its field, the company is trying to now produced its gadgets set the tone in the market innovation.

Like the Corporation of Cupertino, heading for the development and improvement of their lives, create their own "know-how". When you stop to go forward, you immediately find yourself among the laggards. Improve your skills in everything and above all - in favorite business. Read books that will help you to develop professional and other skills, get acquainted with the periodical, to keep abreast of the latest developments in a given area. Expand the boundaries of the possible, blaze new trails, and by already known, try to go further than anyone before you.

The main thing - do not rest, do not try to "rest on our laurels", otherwise you will quickly lose out. If you have not found the business of his life, or dream job, keep looking. However, the best thing about this said the founder of Apple:

«You have to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for relationships. Your job is to fill a large part of his life and the only way to be truly satisfied - do what you think is a great thing. And the only way to do great things - to love what you're doing. If you have not found it yet - look for. Do not stop. "- Steve Jobs

blockquote> 5. Do not rush - around his left vremyaKogda iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, many have noted the almost complete compliance with their technical characteristics the Nexus 4 from Google, which was released in 2012, the year. "Backwardness" of the new "apple" gadgets gave rise to many jokes on them, consumers have started talking that the company is losing its position that it expects to soon almost bankrupt. Calmness, only calmness! Of course, Apple employees abreast of the latest trends in the mobile market and are aware of the "stuffing" of products of its competitors much more than those in a hurry to shout about the shortcomings of the new iPhone. The company tries to avoid engaging in mindless "arms race" features gadgets, preferring to at the time the device she had every opportunity to ensure its perfect work, and device vendors and their customers were prepared to explore gadgets with new features. Apple does not hurry with the release of the devices working on the maintenance of their information security, in particular - bringing to perfection identify users by fingerprint Touch ID.

Take an example - do not try to keep up immediately for a maximum number of birds. You still will not be able to plan and provide for everything in the world, life inevitably will make adjustments to your schedule. If career growth or development of the relations keep us waiting, do not despair - all the time. Did you this is simply not ready and fate itself thus does not allow you to make mistakes. Be sure, when you're holding all the cards will be, there will be new opportunities. The main thing - do not stop, develops, prepare yourself for new challenges.

In the words of Sam Colt, an employee portal BusinessInsider.com: «Apple does not want to be the first one, when you can be the best».

6. The critics can not be avoided, but that is no reason to omit rukiU you probably have the impression that this material is directed exclusively for advertising products Apple, but let's be honest - of course, the "apple" gadgets, like everything else, are imperfect. Devices company has repeatedly been subjected to fair criticism for various bugs and flaws, say, only the lazy did not write about the iPhone 4 loses network, if you hold it in your hand a certain way. Despite numerous attacks fans of gadgets and other competitors, the number of users of Apple products every year only grow, and even the demand for "disastrous", as many believe, iPhone 6 Plus, was much higher than predicted by detractors.

All this shows - no matter what you do, how would not be an expert in your field, there will always be those who will express a meaningful "phi". Take into account the constructive criticism (of unconstructive and think it is not necessary), but do not dwell on it, stubbornly go to his goal. Enough to live and to do something for people who do not appreciate you! Focus on your own desires and aspirations, the only one you really need to please - you.

7. Think with your head, be nonkonformistomApple never sought Glory Road. In the 1970s, when computers are used mainly in large enterprises and research institutes, Cupertino company launched its first advertising slogan a Macintosh "Computer for all of us." At a time when the market of portable audio devices ruled CD-players, Apple introduced the world to iPod - «1000 songs in your pocket." In the era of total domination of the operating system Windows, Apple once again went their own way and developed a system of OS X, which has become the second most popular after the ubiquitous "Window» Microsoft. The corporation has been true to its slogan «Think Different» («Think Different") long before its appearance in 1997, and it remains true today.

You can go all out to live someone else's life and strive to others' goals, but whether you need it? Maybe it's time to live differently, to dream of what you need for you and realize those dreams, just be yourself? Stop please others, hoping to look good in their eyes, drop all unnecessary and think - what you want. Not the boss, not the parents, not friends and you. Life is much more interesting than the standard imposed on the success of your presentation. Life - is the individuality and diversity, so trying to fit within the scope of someone, you are wasting time.

As he wrote in his best-selling book "The Art of non-conformism" Chris Guilbaud: "You have to live your life, not the one from the other waiting for you." It is up to you.

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