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biggest albino family in the world live in India. The father Rozituray Pullan (Roseturai Pullan), his wife Mani and all six of their children is a pure albino. In addition, the eldest daughter of the family, Renu, married another albino Roshiha and they had a son -albinos Dharamradzh. Thus the whole clan Pullan is now 10 albinos. Many years they had to live, regularly subjected to ridicule and scorn because of prejudices of society. But now, their unique gift makes them proud of themselves. A family may soon bring the Book of Records Ginnessa.

1. The 50-year-old Rozituray Pullan, his wife Mani and five of six detey.

2. Unique clan Indian albinos live in the densely populated area of ​​New Delhi in a small cramped apartment. Each of them has white hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Rozituray told tabloid SUN, that other Indians have given them the nickname "angrez", which means "English". They do not believe that all members of the family were born in India and more are blood Indians. -We All have poor eyesight, and we can not stay long in the sun, -Share features albino man-but we are doing everything in our power to overcome such trudnosti.

3. Wedding Marriage Rozituraya albino albino and his wife Mani was an arranged marriage. The parents of both were the usual people with no signs of albinism and decided that their country would be better for children to live together. Before moving to Delhi, they lived in the south of India, where they were considered outcasts and sick. In Delhi, they are treated more tolerantly, but most now think that they are white lyudi.

4. After the first baby born Mani albino, she wanted to make a tubal ligation, so do not give birth "defective" child, but the doctor in the hospital because it frightened that they refused to even look at her and Mani returned domoy.

5. Prior to that, the largest family of albino considered two families from Canada and the United States, where in 6 family members carry signs of albinism. See also: In Ziona Chana world's largest family - 39 wives, 94 child and 33 grandchildren. The smallest library in the world is located in a phone booth. The smartest dog in the world knows more than 1000 words.



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