Animal albinos, which occur in nature

The diversity of fauna on our planet broad and multi-faceted, and each species has its own persistent and characteristic color. But even here there are exceptions to the rule, but rather, in nature there are animals with albinism. Albinis is congenital absence in the body of the pigment melanin, which gives the characteristic this kind of color of skin, wool, hair and even eye color. Passed this genetic disease from generation to generation. Albinos are found among the people. As a rule, in addition to the external differences, these animals suffer from poor hearing and sight, and in adulthood can and do become deaf and blind. So the white animal in the wild world almost did not survive. But still, if found in nature such animals, they no longer attract our attention, because their appearance is a sometimes funny and amusing. By the way, in nature when mixing together the albinism is the emergence of a generation of animal albinos and create a new view, it has often been observed by scientists in ferrets and pigeon trumpeter. But these are isolated cases. Look at some pictures of these animals albinos which perfectly fit in our environment. published



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