Squirrel albino

Manuel Fleitas Escobar - conservationist and photographer, working in Brockwood Park, Krisnamurti in the South of England by chance noticed a strange white shadow moving through the woods. Subsequently, this elusive figure is a very rare squirrel — albino, which, according to experts at wildlife in the UK is born one such protein per 100 thousand animals.

Enchanted by this beast, Victor went on to establish the environmental mossy asylum in order to watch every jump that made the squirrel — albino.

To build this hexagonal dwelling, which is perfectly merged with the surrounding wooded area, Victor took four days before Christmas 2011. Crowned with a roof of moss environmental structure is located only a few meters below the nest proteins and can serve as a refuge in winter.


During the construction of the shelter was used fragments of native trees, besides, it has enough space to comfortably accommodate four people. A young photographer and nature lover was delighted with the opportunity a few months to quietly observe the animal and take pictures of the graceful movements of rare squirrel looking for his favorite food — walnuts.

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