City floating Hydropolis in the Nile valley


In the Nile valley may appear as a floating city. The authors of the project were students-architects from Nantes, which offered a series of modular floating structures. The project was called Hydropolis and combines a series of floating modular structures on which to place objects of agriculture, industry, homes and power generators.


In ancient times the Nile valley was periodically exposed to flooding, whose main objective was the irrigation of the fertile soils for growing crops. Modern dams are radically different from those that were built in ancient times, and the new development architecture students from Nantes more than the original. They developed the project "Hydropolis" — a series of modular floating structures that host the objects of agriculture, as well as businesses, homes and power generators, which rise and fall on the water surface together with the tides.

It is worth considering that the dam may be detrimental because it radically changes the ecosystem, since the accumulated silt accumulates behind the dam, and the salty sea water causes erosion. To solve this problem and encouraged the project of students from Nantes, which combines the tools of flood control and the creation of modular cities along the river. Under the project, lake Nasser is expected to be divided into modules, located at 200 meters of the reservoir. These floating cities are suppose to protect the dam, which will act as a barrier.

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