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Question from the Forum: in the New Year will be revealed modules from those for the period 2012-2015 was held most serious Leveled leaps and transformations under the new task, but until the task laid down in the modules and it is not yet revealed?

In the area of ​​2012-2015, some people on the planet earth to get the program of transformation that felt like information or energy modules in their power, to move them to the problems that go beyond everyday life. Such programs have a multilevel approach and unfold over time, ie, the transformation will take place over the years. The modules have a series sweep of 5 to 7 years. In the first years of transformation focused solely on the personal level.

So, first of all, the emphasis is on refinement of personal karma. For example, the control program of Lilith: the transition to a low frequency, by default, on average, stable. Then he looks at the transition of human karmic task. How people have successfully passed the barrier of 30-35 years, when the run basic karmic challenge to life. Are there any inertia whether addressing the past, including in the past incarnation, experience. Jam on the experience of the past. Do karmic evolution?

If a person is not on the karmic challenges, on the basic course, which is given to him in this life, for the evolutionary experience, or a person does not fulfill his Lilith, ie sees no boundaries of high and low frequencies (possible to remove low and stable foothold in the middle), the module for the first time, work hard on these two programs, pushing the person to transformation. The motion may not always be easy. Skip this period is impossible, since Two major programs are dominant, and in parallel with them something vplyus deploy fail. If the person is busy working off Lilith or the movement of karmic task, his attention falls away just there, in the main two programs, he simply is no freedom, there is energy on more complex tasks.

Then, when the modules are given to man in the first cycle, energy and information on the major programs will scan tasks more complex order. For example, related to the fact that people should pay attention inward and gain an understanding of their identity and uniqueness. Understanding the independence and the fact that each is a unique energy carrier, unique information, the unique code of the Soul.

If a person does not like esoteric savvy and does not know anything about the modules, but it also got in his power module, it will also be in this process, but be aware it will be different. For example, he suddenly began to feel that it can make a difference in this world, in their environment, profession mentality: do something different, new, different. Ties will then not through the soul, like the esoteric, and through the implementation, some work, and then eventually a person as well as the esoteric, the code gets to the soul, just the other way. In a particular case, a sense of uniqueness, abilities and identities. But spirituality in the first place will go to the topic of the Soul, and then to the implementation, the case, changes in the profession, contributions, etc.

In esoteric specifically feel module, the task is more complicated. The modules of which you speak - the second cycle - a uniform movement for health problems and the release of energy for centration on a unique internal energy. It's quite a difficult task for a man, because has to move from the level of the ego, personality problems, and dense centration on himself, at a high frequency, and learn to feel the energy of the soul is, the code of the Soul, a unique impetus to the creation of the Soul, a unique consciousness, energy, and information that is incorporated in you. To feel, to preserve and to learn to live on this wave (and not fall into the ego, and not escape back into the dense program of the first cycle). On this it is given 3-5 years.

Those. If your module was shipped in 2012, just comes the second stage. Therefore, the next year it is important to devote to these issues. Then, the program of karmic problem adjusted to a new consciousness and a sense of energy and modules will give information and power to the next, the third cycle. To bring any benefit to the project of humanity, on the basis of the personal programs (profession developments, existing experience), to reveal the unique code of the Soul.

fartran, 10.01.2016g.
From kommentariev-

I'm just in 2012 was the return of Lilith smile And now I realize that was involved. I wonder how many people intuitively and consciously received these modules?
20 hours ago

Answer fartran
In fact, quite a large number of people, as long as their positions kredovyh was a hint of movement, evolution))
Those. but man can not be esoteric, but to have a constructive start and a desire to move such a person also gets to the list)). The modules are placed so far, as far as I know.
And it is not against the will, and the person himself or requesting additional information and energy, asks, and the answer comes to the rescue in such a form. Or if cool)) esoteric, understands the process as Inna, who asked the question))


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