ALIGNMENT blood pressure.

This activity is effective for balancing the blood pressure. The main thing - to observe a measure. There have been precedents when people half an hour to reduce the pressure from 190 to 90. This rapid change may provoke negative reactions, so you must be careful.

Take a comfortable position (sitting or lying). Imagine over the head of a transparent plane perpendicular to the central axis of the body. Breathe in deeply and exhale with mentally move the plane through the body down. At first the focus is scattered, so himself blurts out: "The plane has passed the head, passed the shoulders, chest, abdomen," and so on - to the feet.

You will feel that some parts of the plane passes with difficulty, and some slips quickly. Slow motion due to the stagnation of energy and acceleration - with the energy void.

Inhale to execute arbitrary and exhalation, press on the plane and push it down. Do not try to exhale, hold on one plane from head to foot. Inhale ... exhale and spend the plane through the head, then chest ... and so on. D. (Fig. 37).

Reception also works in reverse: if the plane with the breath rising from the feet to the head, it is possible to increase the pressure, relieve muscle spasms, including those in the smooth muscle of the internal organs. Lying on your back, imagine a plane arranged perpendicular to the feet of the body. With inhalation raise it through the body up to the head. The feeling behind the plane of the body weakening, almost disappear.
As we move the plane from the feet up sensations disappear and appear blissful warmth, rest. When the plane goes through your head, there will be deep relaxation and can pounce oblivion. This is a beneficial condition. It is best to practice the exercises with the plane before going to sleep, when the deep relaxation naturally go to sleep.
In addition to working with the pressure of this device effectively blocks the initial manifestations of acute respiratory infections. As soon as a harbinger of the disease - a tickle in the nose, scratchy throat, - Spend the plane several times over the head and chest (from the top to the solar plexus). Attention is fixed on those areas where the manifest discomfort. The plane clears the nasal mucosa by pathogens. You can imagine that the plane clears pathogenic dirt, dust with glasses


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