Rare albino animals

Albinism is a congenital absence of pigment the skin, hair and iris and iris. In the wild animal albinos are very hard, it is difficult for them to hunt and hide from predators. The lifetime of these animals you can often find hours, if not minutes, and often only because of human help, these animals live. Below You can see photos of the animals lucky.

Albino alligator, South Carolina (USA).


Peacock an albino.

The snail is an albino, which is found in one of the national parks of New Zealand. This snail is near 11 years old, so scientists don't know how I managed to survive this mollusk.

Boa the albino long more than 5 meters and weighing more than 35 pounds is very hard to be unnoticed while hunting.

The North American leopard frog is an albino.

North American Eastern grey squirrel albino.

Australian kangaroo albino.

African pygmy hedgehog albino.

Ferret albino.

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