Phone, powered by human heat

Patrick Hyland, a designer from London, made a prototype phone that charging needs human body heat. This decision will give the opportunity to save unnecessary energy use, and will save the device from huge chargers. The phone is called Nokia E-Cu.

Back cover Nokia E-Cu is copper, which conducts heat really well, and right behind her is a thermal generator, which converts heat into energy, which is needed for phone operation. Patrick Hyland claims that his phone is charged always keep you in his hands or is he just in your pocket. And to fully charge the battery in the shortest time, it is necessary to simply put the phone on some kind of heating device.

Nokia has nothing to do with this device, but it is likely that it will be of interest to this discovery. The importance of developing alternative systems of charging mobile devices cannot be underestimated. Estimated that every year nearly 40 tons of unnecessary chargers that emit 13.7 per ton of greenhouse gases.

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