Extremely rare footage slonёnka albino, frolicking in the park wildlife in Africa

It is estimated that for every 10, 000 newborn mammals on the planet, there is one albino. Albinism - a fairly rare phenomenon in animals, and every such case, as a rule, well-known scientists and thoroughly documented. But it happens all the same and so that albinos are born small, which a man from time-to-time is not known, as they are well hidden and guarded their own herd.

This photo-story about a small slonёnke albino, who managed to shoot Niki coercive tourist during his African safari tour. Removing the surrounding nature, Nikki saw a herd of elephants, vacationing and frolicking in the wild open spaces, when his attention was caught by something surprising and unusual. It was a tiny pink elephant, perfect albino any coercive (and not only him) still had not seen even once in his life.

It is known that in some cases adult animals do not take newborn cubs albino killing or expelling them from the herd. But looking at these photos, I hope that this pink elephant gets all the attention, love and care of their relatives, as well as other conventional slonyata.

Nicky coercive took these pictures during a safari tour in Africa. Little pink elephant frolicking with other animals during vodopoya.

This little elephant suffering from albinism - which is an extremely rare disease among African elephants. Like humans, most animals-albino lacks the color pigment in the skin, hair, skin and peryah.V Unlike humans, however, Albinism in animals is considered to be hereditary zabolevaniem.

Now, looking at this baby, it is difficult to predict how it will affect the state of his future life. It is clear that throughout his life he will have to face many difficulties, especially during vzrosleniya.K Fortunately, thanks to the fact that the elephant was born in the territory of the national reserve, he must guard against poachers and will be provided ohotnikov.

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With age, slonёnku will be difficult under the scorching sun as albinos are more prone to sunburn due to lack of protective pigmenta.I as many other albinos, most likely, it will be a big eye problems in older vozraste.

In most cases, the animals reject newborn cubs albino, which differ from the rest of the offspring. But the elephant looks quite contented and happy in his flock, and this allows us to hope that he was not only accepted, but love and zaschischayut.


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