5 simple yoga poses that will help get rid of belly fat

Anyone who has ever faced with the need to lose weight know that the most difficult to get rid of the hated "lifeline", which imperceptibly and easily form on the sides and belly. And if the sides still somehow can handle the fat on your stomach so just do not want to give up. It is easiest to amass, and the most difficult to remove.

But beyond aesthetics, get rid of belly fat is necessary and more important reason: to bring the body in order and allow him to work more effectively. It turns out that the fat on the abdomen (as doctors call it - abdominal fat) is the most dangerous fat in the body, because it is associated with the 2nd type of diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease and some types of cancer
These are some effective exercises borrowed from yoga, to help you get to deal with the unwanted fat on the abdomen.

1. Cobra Pose (Bhudzhangasana) 16,688,046


It allows you to reduce belly fat and strengthen abdominal muscles. It has a tonic effect on the upper back, strengthening the spine and making it flexible.

How to perform:.
  • Lie on your stomach with your legs extended, hands under shoulders
    • The chin and toes should touch the floor ul>.
      • Slowly inhale and lift your chest, arching back as hard as possible.
        • you should look like a cobra with his head, ready to attack.
          • Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.
            • exhale slowly, and then lower the body to the starting position. < /
              • Repeat position 5 times, taking breaks for 15 seconds between each repetition.
                • This asana can not be made pregnant and suffering from ulcer, hernia or injuries back. 2. Pose bow (Dhanurasana)


                  It strengthens the abdominal muscles. Carrying out, try to swing back and forth to stimulate the abdominal area.

                  How to do:
                  • Lie on your stomach, arms along the body
                    • Bend your knees and grab hold of the ankles or feet <..
                    • Inhale and raise your head, take her back, trying to raise the leg as high as possible.
                      • Hold this position 15-30 seconds, breathe calmly.
                        • Exhale, return to starting position: legs extended, arms along the body
                          • Repeat this exercise 5 times, taking breaks for 15 seconds between each. repeats. 3. Pose boats (Naukasana) 62,398,464


                            Effectively fights fat deposits in the waist and stomach stimulates jobs and strengthens the muscles of the legs and back.

                            How to do:
                            • Lie on your back, feet together in a stretched position, arms along the body, palms facing the floor
                              • Inhale and start to raise his legs, knees. bend.
                                • Pull the foot and toes forward, try to raise your legs as high as possible.
                                  • Staying in this position, pull forward hands and try to get to the tips of my toes, creating a body angle of 45 degrees.
                                    • Breathe calmly, holding the pose for 15 seconds.
                                      • Relax and breathe out.
                                        • Repeat the exercise 5 times intermittently for 15 seconds. 4. Plank or board position (Kumbhakasana) 65,174,502


                                          One of the easiest postures in yoga, but it is very effective in burning belly fat. Also kumbhakasana tones and strengthens the shoulders, arms, thighs and buttocks. This exercise can not be made to people with high blood pressure or injuries of the shoulders and back.

                                          How to do:
                                          • Get up in his hands and knees on the floor
                                            • The palms should not go beyond the level of the shoulders and knees - for the level of the hips <.. /
                                              • Get up on your toes and step back so that his feet were straight.
                                                • Breathing, look on the palms to the neck and spine stretched out in a line .
                                                  • Tighten your abdominal muscles.
                                                    • From head to toe body should form a straight line.
                                                      • the palms should be flat on the floor, fingers separated the sides
                                                        • Hold this position for 15-30 seconds, if you can, the longer -. so you will achieve greater effect.
                                                          • Exhale and kneel.
                                                            • Make 5 repetitions with breaks for 15 seconds. 5. Pose liberation wind (Pavanamuktasana) 21,212,436


                                                              Relieves pain in the lower back, strengthens and tones the press, thighs and inside of them, stimulates the colon, restores the level of acidity in the stomach, it helps get rid of constipation and improves metabolism.

                                                              How to do:
                                                              • Lie on your back, legs extended, arms along the body
                                                                • Feet pull forward so that the heels touch each other <.. /
                                                                  • on the exhale, bend your knees and slowly pull them to your chest.
                                                                    • hip exert pressure on the abdomen. <
                                                                    • to keep your feet in the right position with his hands clasped below the knees.
                                                                      • Breathe deeply and hold the position at least 60-90 seconds. ul >
                                                                        • As you exhale, release your knees, put his hands along the body, palms down.
                                                                          • Make 5 repetitions with breaks for 15 seconds at least. These exercises are recommended in the morning, three times a week, every other day, to stimulate and speed up metabolism.


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