Price circus spectacles

Circus «Ringling Bros.» is famous for its number of elephants. Spectators happy children laugh ... and no one knows,
What terrible methods of the poor animals that are taught tricks. In this issue are pictures sad
the process of training young elephants, workers resorted to the circus. Photos made amateur camera
one of the former employees of the circus, which has bothered to look at this mess.

When the main training is over, it begins a full workout, which lasts for 1-2 hours twice a day.

Elephants tied ropes around the legs and tied a chain to the other elephants. Henceforth any movement, any instinct and any natural behavior of the elephant will be suppressed under the clear eye of the trainer and persuasive power of his whip.

Subtracting elephants from their mothers, circus workers tied them for all four feet to the concrete floor. Elephants are not allowed to play outdoors. Sitting on a leash for the young and curious elephant so much time (up to 23 hours a day) is simply intolerable and dangerous.

Often elephants endure painful lessons from attempts to resist tighten their ropes on the feet. Sometimes, their resistance can last for several months, after which they give up.


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