The auction of the famous Hollywood props

17 and 18 December in Beverly Hills held an auction in which fans of the famous Hollywood movies
You can acquire real objects, who participated in the filming of their favorite films.
We offer a look at some of these unusual items.

1. Star Wars fans will not be able to resist the famous helmet of Darth Vader Episode IV: «A New Hope" (approximate price of 20-30 thousand. Dollars).

2. walking tank AT-AT from Episode V: «The Empire Strikes Back." This model was filmed in the background. (Approximate price of 40-60 thousand. Dollars).

3. The mask and gloves Ellorrsa Madaka - an alien race of Duros. In Episode IV: «A New Hope" among the visitors of the bar, coming and going, Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi in the search for the pilot, you can see two such creatures. (Approximate price of 60-120 thousand. Dollars).

4. This costume Edward - Scissorhands, which so brilliantly played by Johnny Depp. (Approximate price of 100-200 thousand. Dollars).


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