Miroslav Tichý

"For me, a woman - it's just a leitmotif. I've never raced uncontrollably skirts. Even when I see a woman,
I like - and maybe I could try to talk to her - I mean, to me it is really interesting.
Instead, I take a pencil and draw it. Eroticism is like a dream. World - an illusion, our illusion ».
Miroslav Tichý

Czech photographer Miroslav Tichý (Miroslav Tichy), born in 1926, making his camera from that found in the garbage. In the course went all - from cans and plywood to cigarette packs, and of the rolls of toilet paper. Lenses Hobo Photographer grind of Plexiglas with sandpaper and polish with toothpaste.

He was considered crazy recluse, but it did not bother him at all. Miroslav Tichý roamed the city in rags and photographed women in a homemade camera. He worked only for myself, not understanding that his work will see anyone, much less buy it. Years passed and "discovered" - a former tramp became a celebrity, his photographs are tens of thousands of euros and are exhibited in the best galleries. Miroslav Tichý photographed women passing through the window, over the wall of the swimming pool, on the streets, in shops and parks ...

Every day he came home with hundreds of pictures and print them on the same primitive equipment, making always only one print from the selected negative, blurred, foggy, filled with primitive Impress. Many of the photos of the dusty, dirty, torn and partially pogryzany rats. Some pictures are so liked Miroslav Pacific that he slept with them, ate, placing a plate directly on them, unable to tear myself away from the contemplation.


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