The Incredible Journey

When I first heard about the expedition from his friend - thought he was joking. Hard to believe that someone came into our heads at 62 ALONE swim across the Pacific Ocean in a rowboat! Personally, I have always thought that is able only crazy ... However, the story my friend's "hooked" and I decided to find out what kind of mission is so ... And most importantly - who is this eccentric, that he decided to carry out such an original next 7-8 months own life. =)) As it turned out - he is not queer, and the most that neither is the great Russian traveler. But first things first!

Tattered cap, thick beard and constant gaze of a dreamer, full of romance and adventure. Yes, here it is - a traveler in the spherical vacuum. =) That's what Fyodor Konyukhov - people often do what to it could not be anyone else. He made six voyages round the world, more than 40 unique and expeditions, became the first Russian who managed to implement a program of "Grand Slam" (visit the South, the North Pole and Mount Everest). Simply to list the places where Konyukhov was not, than where he was.

And at first glance, you think: "So, you're 62 years old, have three children and have six grandchildren. He traveled the whole world. Sit yourself at home and be happy life! ". But, apparently, the sense of adventure is not going to leave Konyukhov. Just over a year ago, he conceived a completely crazy idea - to jump to row across the Pacific Ocean. By oneself. No port calls and meetings with the ships. Departure point - Chile. Destination - Australia, Brisbane. Within - 15 000 kilometers (8000 nautical miles). All about everything - 200 days.


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