The Incredible Journey

When I first heard about the expedition from his friend - thought he was joking. Hard to believe that someone came into our heads at 62 ALONE swim across the Pacific Ocean in a rowboat! Personally, I have always thought that is able only crazy ... However, the story my friend's "hooked" and I decided to find out what kind of mission is so ... And most importantly - who is this eccentric, that he decided to carry out such an original next 7-8 months own life. =)) As it turned out - he is not queer, and the most that neither is the great Russian traveler. But first things first!

Tattered cap, thick beard and constant gaze of a dreamer, full of romance and adventure. Yes, here it is - a traveler in the spherical vacuum. =) That's what Fyodor Konyukhov - people often do what to it could not be anyone else. He made six voyages round the world, more than 40 unique and expeditions, became the first Russian who managed to implement a program of "Grand Slam" (visit the South, the North Pole and Mount Everest). Simply to list the places where Konyukhov was not, than where he was.

And at first glance, you think: "So, you're 62 years old, have three children and have six grandchildren. He traveled the whole world. Sit yourself at home and be happy life! ". But, apparently, the sense of adventure is not going to leave Konyukhov. Just over a year ago, he conceived a completely crazy idea - to jump to row across the Pacific Ocean. By oneself. No port calls and meetings with the ships. Departure point - Chile. Destination - Australia, Brisbane. Within - 15 000 kilometers (8000 nautical miles). All about everything - 200 days.

And the experience of similar feats from Konyukhov present. If you believe Wikipedia, it at least once autonomous crossed the Atlantic on rowing boats. But the Atlantic and Pacific oceans - it's completely different conditions and different distances. Yet no man in the world did not submit such an incredible route! Well, the more interesting it will monitor the progress of the great traveler! And now I'll follow clearly because Konyukhov has sailed! Start his expedition took place December 14, 2013 of the Chilean town of Concon at 6:45 local time. Now he pulls on the oars first kilometers.

The severity of the route requested by the team Konyukhov serious preparation. No wonder since the first official announcement of the expedition before its launch was held for a year. Thus, the boat traveler was produced according to the original drawings at several English shipyards. The frame was built in Ipswich, equipment mounted on a small shipyard Mike Wood in the town of Burnham-on-Crouch. The final construction of the vessel was engaged in the shipyard Charlie Pitcher - the current record for crossing the Atlantic by rowing. The result was something like a water "Bentley" of carbon fiber and "manual drive". =)) The length of the boat - 9 meters, the working title of "K-9 Turgoyak».

In Chile, the boat arrived in November, but due to the strike of local customs officers managed to get it just the beginning of December. Oh, those customs! =)) Whatever it was, the boat was loaded and the final preparations for the launch was carried out directly in the port of Concon.

Judging by the words of Konyukhov to sail to Australia by the target date, he must row for 8-10 hours a day. Not a bad charging for hands, right? In such circumstances, you can be well prepared to compete in arm wrestling, or to lose weight quickly. =)) But seriously - at once the question arises replenish energy. Grooms partially solved this problem, taking on board a special high-calorie food, developed in England especially for the expedition. As I understand it, this food is similar to the conventional "instant noodles", only a very high-calorie.

Why is the issue of food is partially solved? Because overseas "instant noodles" Konyukhov to fly the route may not be enough. In one of his interviews he said that somewhere will have to fast, and somewhere and catch fish. The good thing you can fry it on a gas burner, take with you on board. The question of water finally resolved. On board the boat Fyodor Konyukhov has two desalination.

Conquest of the Pacific Ocean has already begun, but Konyukhov plans not only to paddle and sleep. The traveler is going to hold a series of scientific experiments to reveal the limits of human cognitive abilities in extreme conditions. But the most interesting not even that, but the fact that Fedor Konyukhov is going to conduct an interactive online diary of his trip directly from the boats.

I even became a little envious Konyukhov and his adventure. As a boy, that I ... have ventured to conquer such a wonderful itinerary ... Is not this the dream of all of us, guys? Do not worry, everyone in your life the Pacific Ocean, which is necessary to swim. And Fedor Konyukhov - good luck and passing trends! It seems to me it's one of those of our fellow citizens, with which you can and should take an example.



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