Fedor Melnikov. The centenary

While all Internet zasrat Maidan - people forget about the important things. Here's an example.
February 15 noted centenary Chernigovets Fedor Melnikov - a disabled WWII Group 1, a veteran of the armed forces, Fedor Antonovich was born in the village of Cervical Kharkiv region. At the end of the seven years he studied at the agricultural college in the agronomist. Being a pilot, he did not dream, but his fate has decided the case.

Direction College Fedor was in the Stalingrad area (now Volgograd). He once worked in the fields and saw the cornfield on the collective plane landed. He first saw a real fighter and wanted to fly on it. Fyodor Antonovich said that still remembers how he shone bright green wings.
Before the war, Fedor Melnikov graduated from flight school and soon hit the front. At that time he was already married, she had a two year old son, Boris. Great Patriotic War took place from start to finish. He has two Orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Red Star, World War I level, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, as well as the medal "For courage", "For Military Merit" and "For Victory over Germany ...».
After the war, Fedor Antonovich served in different parts of the Union, and in 1957 with his wife Anna and son finally settled in Chernigov. Here he worked as a teacher of Chernigov Higher Aviation School. He retired as a colonel.
The wives of Feodor Antonovich did not 9 years ago. The son Boris, who had worked in Kiev, a neurosurgeon, died of a stroke in 2007. Veteran now lives with daughter Natalia.
 - Fyodor Antonovich as a disabled veteran, is at the service of Territorial center Desnyansko th district of Chernihiv, - says head of department of social adaptation center Svetlana Under-Teasing. - Twice a week, he helps with the housework social worker Valentin Bibik. Despite his advanced age, the hero of the day even when the memory, though it and exasperate the disease. Make themselves felt th wounds he received during the war. However, Fedor Antonovich cheerfully met his hundredth birthday. We wish him good health and well-being!




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