A veteran of three wars lost the battle with officials

Finnish seized, who fought in the Great Patriotic War and fought in the war with Japan veteran, can not beat the Russian officials. 93-year-old Tikhon Chubarov asks local authorities nothing at all - to help build a warm toilet, but this "redoubt" seemed impregnable Mannerheim Line.
A resident of the village of Don, Zadonsk district that "fabulously prosperous" Lipetsk region in its 93 cheerfully looks. Tikhon Chubarov tucked up beyond her years, in good memory, and with a great sense of humor.

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 - Laughter and only with pot was born, I see a bucket and die - he says, inviting reporters GOROD48 in an old house.

No, a veteran himself never occurred to begin to "complain to the newspaper." He did not complain about. "One told" the press about the troubles of old villagers, and, as has become customary in our time, "told" anonymously, begging not to disclose the names of nowhere and "God forbid taking pictures!". Otherwise, the stability of the local champions with a light szhivut.

Tikhon Ivanovich himself says that, in principle, is not seen, and been in worse conditions, but coped, but the trouble - began to feel old age recently (humor of the veteran so roar!) And catch a cold at each draft.

 - A little post on skvoznyachke - cough devil's sake! - Laments a veteran of three wars. - The last time even appealed to the clinic, and then I spun, twirled, but it never found. But the cough-ie!

In general, the veteran became suspect that the cause of everything - outside toilet, standing on the seven winds from all sides purged. And it was going to solve this problem, do pristroechku to the house on the site of an old porch, but calculated how much it would cost, and wept.

 - Appealed to the administration of Zadonsk district, came a woman, looked, and said, "Tikhon Ivanovich, let's fifty-fifty. Prepare cost estimates and will solve the problem. " - I know the men gathered, figured. Considered. In view of the well, sanitation, digging trenches, work - 150 thousand construction materials, and the same - work. He showed estimates in the administration and ... Everything! Silence! No one ever since. No "fifty-fifty» ...

The secret of longevity

In the conversation it turns out that the assistance Tikhon Ivanovich still treated, and more than once. Ten years ago, in 2004, he heard that the veterans of the Great Patriotic relies car. And he wanted the car.

 - That's 40 years I had a motorcycle, "Ural". But over the years I had, you might say, rolled. But thanks to the "Ural" I physically pulled! This railway equipment - what you horse! They need to control the applied physical force. I'm a physical education all his life, and "Ural" for and loved that they poupravlyat like a barbell exercise, perhaps because health and preserved until now - reveals the secret of longevity veteran.

Yet the veteran car wanted - even under the old age pampered comfort. Been reading the press Tikhon Ivanovich ponaslushalsya how power takes care of native defenders of the motherland and the car began to go ask. But power was still caring. Probably I felt that the car can adversely affect his physical health is not that heavy bike, and refused to issue a car.

But if newspapers write that it is necessary, because the principle was the Tikhon Ivanovich pursue the vehicle. Local authorities refused - wrote Dmitry Medvedev. That, in turn, redirected the letter asking the then Minister of Health and Social Development Zurabov. The current Russian ambassador to Ukraine troubled redirected the letter to the administration of the Lipetsk region, and from there it went back from where it was sent - in Zadonsk district.

 - Well, what do you think? They called me to the social security and began to convince, say, Tikhon Ivanovich, you do not put the car. And if you really need and what is there and - you can use the services of our social taxi. But! For gasoline to be paid!

Tikhon Chubarov despite their lived 93 years, finds the strength to not swear on what light is power, and it is to laugh at it. "Joke" with a taxi at their own expense, he also has appreciated, and just laughs at local social services, talking about it, as if on Humoresque Petrosyan, laughing to tears.

But without the jokes and irony, he says that many of the familiar - the car still got veterans. But, as expressed Tikhon Ivanovich - "bookmarked." To the question "What's the tab ?!" answers: "Well ... tab ... money wrapped in a piece of paper ... '.

 - What money? "Kickbacks" for the car for the veteran? And how many do not know?

 - How I do not know ?! The fee was then - 20 thousand. Familiar and received. And who is "no favorites" - did not get.

Tikhon Ivanovich too greedy to feed officials, and did not get a car.

As a veteran tombstone himself and knocked the frame changed

Also, almost laughing, says a veteran of how wanted to change the windows in the house.

 - House is built after the war, since the frame and did not change. Almost all rotted. He appealed to the district administration, they say, help a little, but for me, even now former Deputy says, "Tikhon Ivanovich, you w pension veteran big kids have saved up and put them in plastic box itself!".

So did the veteran. He chipped in with her daughters-pensioner, one of whom lives in Lipetsk and the other - in Voronezh, pensions, and changed the windows in the house. Cost is party to three wars in 57 thousand.

Then Tikhon Chubarov again read in the Russian press (God damn it!) That the war veterans after the death of the monument put free for the state account. I thought and thought a veteran that wait for his own death? While the offer is free - it is necessary to take care during his lifetime. And then the daughters of a retired extra chores. Whether cope, did not fight, did not smell of gunpowder older women? Boudreau joined the Council of Veterans of the district, and demanded a monument. But it was not there!

 - It turned out the certificate of war participant I was given executive committee. And it was necessary that military enlistment office issued - says Tikhon Ivanovich. - I went to the recruitment office to plead ...

To use all service veteran. It began as a whirlwind in the military mobilization for the war. And the whole world ... staff, and veteran - won.

 - All! Put your monument! - Proclaimed the military enlistment office employee, after much consultation with clarified and oblvoenkomatom.

Ah, I would know of any clowns, for any fair Petrushek for a circus Chubarov fought!

A Red Army Tikhon Ivanovich began already in 1940. At the call. 23 people with Zadonsk district performed the honors, with an accordion and singing in the army. Just a few of these people survive in the ensuing meat grinder. Veterinary paramedic in civilian life, Tikhon Chubarov was the gunner.

From Mannerheim line to Sakhalin

 - Itself a conflict with the Finns at that time is over, but there was a danger of the resumption, - says Tikhon Ivanovich. - In addition, in the rear of our troops continued to operate saboteurs, they ski avoided our units and cut positions. To deal with them formed a special squad.

Recalls Tikhon Ivanovich, in Karelia, where his unit, the men were sent to training. A column of several vehicles moved off the road and as it so happened, he can not explain, but he slipped on the snow and fell under the wheels.

 - It was the first and only wounded during the war, on the other God has saved - he says. - I found myself under the wheels, and received fractures of both legs. I got to the hospital, treated for a long time ...

Then came the Great Patriotic War. Lance Chubarov four years fought in the artillery in the calculation of the reserve of the main command. In fighting the details Tikhon Ivanovich especially nobody devotes only said that the main purpose of his division was - a reflection of air attacks.

 - What can I say, we beat a lot of enemies, but we sometimes beaten the well - sadly says the veteran.

On all fronts practical visited Corporal Chubarov and met victory in Lithuania. But the joy was not long. Soon, he was sent to the Far East. August 1945 Tikhon Ivanovich spent on Sakhalin. But especially to war was not necessary.

 - The Japanese are very fast drapanul out, did not even really their pokoloshmatit - says Tikhon Chubarov.

With the war came Tikhon Ivanovich in August 1946. At work in the local farm settled by profession - a veterinarian. And all his life he worked.

The Don knows it and as "Dr. Dolittle" of God, to which now, in its 93 years old, you can ask for help even during the day, even at night. Moreover, the villagers say that free help. As the customs of the "White Sun", bribes Tikhon Ivanovich did not take. But for the power, which has not appreciated like him, really - sorry.

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