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Have you ever heard of such a thing as a friendly fire or "friendly fire"? So I called one of the episodes in the first part of the game Half Life, but that's not all. According to various estimates, from 17% to 23% of the total number of American soldiers who died during the operation "Desert Storm" was killed by "friendly fire." And this is not an exceptional case, but common. Some happily say that Americans do not know how to fight. But the problem of "friendly fire," there are so many years, how many people are fighting.

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In an era of high-tech warfare, the problem of distinguishing between its troops and enemy troops is particularly acute. Gosopoznovaniya system "friend or foe" started to be developed in 1930. But the first production models of these systems have appeared in the Soviet Union only in 1943. Since they are constantly being improved, developed new ones. In the modern Russian market leader in gosopoznovaniya is KRET - group share exceeds 85%. In particular, here are doing the system "friend or foe" for the famous Su-34, the so-called flying tank. From gosopoznovaniya systems today depend on the lives of tens and hundreds of people, because such aircraft firepower allows you to put a huge loss. But few know that even in the era of medieval wars, people also mistakenly wounded and even killed her.

Hlynovchane against ustyuzhan

In 1418, residents Khlynova (now Kirov) attacked allies of Ustyug, hurrying to help in the fight against the Tartars. The battle took place at night, in a ravine. "Its not my poznasha and its pobivasha" as they say history. According Ryazantsevskomu list "Chronicler of old age" in the battle killed 5,000 people.

Battle of Barnet

April 14, 1471 took place the battle between the forces of Lancaster and York near the town of Barnet. This is one of the most significant battles of the Wars of the Roses. As a result, her English crown for 14 years into the hands of the dynasty of York. And it was so: because of the poor visibility allies took the coat of arms on the banner of Count John de Vera of the House of York and the emblem of the troops fired graph. De Vere cried treason and left the battlefield. Rumours of betrayal sowed panic in the units of Lancaster, and this took the King Edward. He defeated the disorganized army of the enemy. The battle lasted for about three hours. Lancaster lost from 1500 to 4000. Yorkie half. Well, just "Game of Thrones" some!

Battle of Chancellorsville

May 2, 1863 Lieutenant-general of the Confederate Army "Stonewall" Jackson was returning from a reconnaissance during the Battle of Chancellorsville, and came across the soldiers of the 18th Regiment of the Brigade severokarolinskogo Lane. Troop Jackson took for cavalry northerners and fired. Lieutenant-General was seriously wounded and died of pneumonia eight days later. His death has greatly saddened the Confederate victory in this battle.

The first victory of the British Navy in the Second World War

September 10, 1939 British submarines "Oxley" and "Triton" patrolled the coast of Norway. "Oxley" has moved beyond its area patrols and adopted the "Triton" enemy of the boat, as it once did not respond to submitted spotlight identification signals. "Triton" fired two torpedoes and sank "Oxley." Only three were rescued submariners. This event was the first victory and the first defeat of the British Navy in the Second World War.

The first "air raid" in Moscow during the Great Patriotic War

June 24, 1941, Soviet bombers returning from a mission over Moscow. Planes took over the enemy have declared an air alarm and opened fire with anti-aircraft. It was the first air raid in Moscow. After this event, the aircraft was allowed to return to the job through the capital.

The first aircraft shot down Pokryshkin

The first plane that knocked the legendary aviator hero Alexander Pokryshkin by a tragic accident turned out to be a Soviet bomber Su-2. The pilots are not acquainted with the secret for model airplanes and markings Pokryshkin could not see because of the beating on the face of the sun.

Operation "Husky»

July 11, 1943 during the landing of American troops in Sicily group of 144 US transport aircraft was fired on British troops of air defense. 23 aircraft were downed, 37 damaged. In total 318 people were injured, 83 of them died.

Operation "Cottage»

From 15 to 24 August 1943, American and Canadian troops conducted an operation to liberate Kiska Island from the Japanese occupation. According to US intelligence garrison the island could be up to 10 000 people. By the operation went very seriously. Near the island of Adak it had more than 100 ships, 29,000 US Marines and 5,500 Canadian. But when the American troops set foot on the island of Kiska, they met no resistance. Two weeks before transplanting the Japanese evacuated the entire garrison, thinking that resistance is useless superior enemy forces. As a result of the operation of the accidents and "friendly fire" affected more than 300 people, hit a mine one destroyer.

Northern Iraq

April 14, 1994 the US F-15 fighters in the sky over northern Iraq shot down two helicopters UH-60 decided that this Iraqi Mi-24. 26 people were killed. In setting the pilots said that in the air there is a friendly aircraft. After some investigation it turned out that the US Air Force does not consider helicopters to aviation.

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