Hlodnokrovno Murder or Coercion?

The Posthumous Papers of Virginia arrow - details

Cho Seung-hee, 23-year-old student shot to death on April 16 of 32 students and employees of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and weapons stockpiles in advance, reports ABC News.

His first 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol he bought another 13 March, and the second gun (caliber 5, 6 millimeter) a week before the commission of the crime. According to some experts, this indicates that his crime was not spontaneous, and well prepared. "There is no indication that it was a spontaneous murder. He thought about it from the very moment when I bought the first gun, "- said the consultant ABC News, a former FBI agent Brad Garrett (Brad Garrett).

In addition, according to The Chicago Tribune, in the room Cho Seung-hee was found a note containing a list of accusations against "the rich kids" and complaints about the domination of the campus promiscuity. "I was forced to do it," - said in a note. However, experts still can not say with certainty whether a note written by Cho Seung-hee, although the probability of this is great, reports Lenta.ru.

It is learned that the tragedy in the University of Technology in the US state of Virginia was preceded by a criminal quarrel with his girlfriend. According to some reports, he saw in the dorm room of his girlfriend with another man, and then there was a conflict. Hear the cries of the students called the Student Advisor, who tried to resolve the situation. But in the end the perpetrator shot the girl, and caused by the advisor. Two hours later, he continued to kill in the other side of the campus, according to Newsru.com.

Arrived on the scene police found that the main entrance to the Faculty locked on the inner side chains. According to Local 6, then the killer opened fire on the audience. In one of the rooms he built the students along the wall and shot.

As the television channel MSNBC student Trey Perkins, almost immediately after the start of classes in German language at the Faculty of Engineering audience burst into an armed young man.

First he shot in the head professor and then began firing at the students. "Throughout the time he did not say a single word. He just came in and started shooting, "- shared memories Perkins.

According to him, he and all who were in the audience instinctively rushed to the floor and knocked over a few tables to dissociate itself from the gunman. "He began to shoot randomly. I do not remember how long it lasted, it seemed to me that for a long time, but, in fact, probably all lasted less than a minute, "- said Perkins.

He noted that the most striking was a cold, concentrated face the gunman, who did not look angry or frightened.

After the gunman left the room, where classes are held in German language, Perkins and two other students, one of them wounded in the arm, locked the door.

"He (the gunman) tried again to open the door and started shooting at the door, maybe just six shots," - says Perkins. After an unsuccessful attempt to open the door to the killer walked away from the audience, and Perkins heard new shots.

Perkins was one of four students who were able to leave the building of the Faculty of Engineering, where the tragedy, on their own. In class were about 20 people.

Another eyewitness - Erin Sheehan said she remembered "very serious but calm expression on his face».

"He looked like a normal guy, Asians, but was dressed in something like a Boy Scout uniform. He was wearing a light brown buttoned vest, and even a black vest, "- said a university student who was at the time of the tragedy in the classroom. She and another three students managed to escape.

First-year student of engineering faculty Josh Vargo says that during the occupation he heard "a loud bang" and then screams. Many in his audience began to jump out of windows - the benefit was the second floor. Followed them and Vargo. According to his estimates, "we heard about 40-50 shots».

Meanwhile, it also became known that recently Cho Seung-hee behaved aggressively. It is known that he almost started a fire in his room, several women complained of annoying harassment of him. The investigation also suggests that Cho Seung-hee could take medication for depression.

Recall that in the morning on April 16 Cho Seung-hee, was shot dead in a dormitory two people went to the Institute building and built there a real massacre. His victims were still 30 people. Then the offender shot himself. This is the largest mass murder in US history. Previously, it was thought the most massive killing of George Hennard 23 people in Texas Cafe in 1991.


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