There were cute kids (5 photos)

Children's photos of some murderers, robbers, specialists in the production of false documents and apartment thieves.

Vladimir Gladkov
I held in prison for 14 years and 4 months. He was released in 2007, lives in Moscow.
CRIME: robbery, use of forged documents and the murder of a police officer.

Sergey Afanasiev
Sentenced to life imprisonment. While in detention in Daugavpils (Latvia).
CRIME: premeditated double murder and attempted murder (Riga, Latvia), an attempt to hijack the car (Warsaw, Poland), forgery, theft, manufacture and sale of drugs.

Nikolai Bezov
Sentenced to 14 years in colony. Detained in Penza.
CRIME: organized gang of seven, which was engaged in robberies at gas stations for cars, threatening drivers pneumatic weapon, robbed them of money and valuables.

Vladimir Solovyov
Held in custody 16, 5 years. He was released in 2007, lives in Mozhaisk.
CRIME: grievous bodily harm, attempted car theft with the threat of firearms, burglary.

Valery Shilov
I held in prison for 28 years. He was released in 2008, lives in Moscow.
CRIME: complicity in manslaughter, robbery, grievous bodily harm, murder.


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