10 cool cartoons for those who are in my heart always 13

Forty one million five hundred twenty five thousand one hundred thirty

Remember your 13 years old? How hurry home after school to catch your favorite cartoon on TV, too, remember?

Site happy collected for you in this post the coolest cartoons created for teenagers who want to watch and 20, 30, and 40 years.

With regards to the planets Wander Over Yonder

Fourteen million seventy one thousand seven hundred seventy four

Cosmic Comedy! Because everything is happening on different planets and because the beyond ridiculous. Main characters: Sylvia is whether the horse or the dragon and

Here and There — whether the person, or alien. They are able to help everyone and fight the galactic villains, not engaging in a fight. The course is only savvy. In the series lots of parody references to modern pop culture, so there is something and someone to laugh.

Gravity Falls Gravity Falls

Eighty nine million two hundred thirty nine thousand two hundred thirty two

This story is about how the twins (brother and sister) Mabel and Dipper Pines family spent the summer visiting his uncle in a provincial American town of Gravity falls. It is not a city, but simply a center of attraction for the supernatural. And Mabel and Dipper practically Scully and Mulder, only children and cartoonish. Their adventures seasoned with a cool soundtrack and lots of jokes without steamy, but sometimes sarcastic.

The whole truth about the bears We Bare Bears

Thirty two million five hundred ninety thousand eight hundred twenty two

They are so cute and touching, these bears! Struggling they are trying to integrate into human society. It turns out not always, but every clumsy act reminds us of ourselves. Here we are trying to gain more likes in social networks. But decided to make a date on Skype, but I think something went wrong... And after all, bears do not stop trying. They are open to the world, friendly, helpful, and love to do selfies.

Lady Bug and Super cat Miraculous: Tales of the Ladybug & Cat Noir

Ninety million three hundred sixty one thousand three hundred forty one

Colourful and convoluted love story of two young superheroes. Concurrently, they are normal French schoolchildren Adrien and Marinette. But as soon as Paris (only for the sake of his watercolor landscapes worth watching) is in danger, guys dress up in wonderful costumes and transform into a Cat, Noir and Lady Bug. By the way, to the creation of this cartoon had a hand in Japanese, so fans of anime will appreciate the schedule.

Adventure time Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

Ninety two million eight hundred twenty seven thousand fifty nine

The cult TV series about the fantastic travels and adventures of a boy Finn and his dog Jake. Here all the magic: and the main characters, and the country in which they live. "Adventure time" like the reflection of the child's world of fantasy, where violated all the laws of logic, physics and something else there is a serious and adult. If this is what you lack in real life, the show will definitely capture your heart, mind, and free time.

Kikoriki Kikoriki

Thirty nine million eight hundred forty three thousand twenty two

No, seriously, I thought that this children's cartoon? He is generally for all ages! "Smeshariki" is not just a vivid cognitive images of round animals. It is all about us. About how we make friends, communicate, dream, sometimes lose heart, and then receive new impetus and move on to your goal. In General, we all have a little "Smeshariki". Here sparkling and intelligent humor, and deep philosophical questions and simple everyday answers.

The star Princess and the forces of evil, Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Forty six million four hundred fifty seven thousand eight hundred thirty seven

Mark is quiet, which is difficult to find a common language with classmates. Sorceress of Old butterfly — hyperactive Princess, able to smash an entire galaxy in pieces. Of course, a main character of the series promises a lot of magic, space travel and battles with monsters. And in between them solves the most common problems of adolescence. Yes, those that once seemed insoluble, but now funny.

Steven Universe Steven Universe

Ten million three hundred twenty four thousand one hundred forty

At first glance, another series about superheroes who save everyone. But look, this is wrong. "Steven universe" — a series about love. And in all its manifestations. From love to himself, this is what you are. To love his Land, his world, his universe. Surprisingly, a story about superheroes, which are supposed to fight, brings his audience a steady hostility to the war.

Kids have grown up All Grawn Up

Seventy four million thirty seven thousand one hundred sixty six

The continuation of the series "Oh, these kids!"that was devoted to kids and their parents. It is easy to guess that the "Kids have grown up" — for teenagers and their parents and will be very useful and those and others. Besides, that cartoon is really funny, it gives the opportunity to better understand each other, to look at the situation from the inside, and even to adopt some of the ways that the resolution of conflict "fathers" and "children."

On the other side of the fence Over the Garden Wall

Sixty six million eight hundred eighty three thousand eight hundred forty one

Getting lost in the woods, perhaps one of the strongest children's fears. What is there behind that tree? What kind of monsters await at this path? But just going through all the mysterious and scary forest, the heroes (brothers Greg and Wirt) will be able to get home. Cartoon gloomy, but exciting. Despite the fact that each episode is quite a complete story, each time with impatience I want to move on to the next new fantasies and adventures.

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