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In its 40 years, the actor Ben Affleck - a two-time winner of the "Oscar" and the winner of numerous anti-reward "Golden Raspberry". It is noteworthy that the first two awards ("Oscar") Ben was, as a director and screenwriter, at the time, as "raspberry" had come to him for the actor's merits. Many agree that Affleck has long time to finish this activity and has already come to occupy the director's chair, because the talent, judging by his work there, and it is huge. Previously, Ben himself might find it a hasty step, but now, when on the heels of the young actors to think about the small castling is, moreover, that Ben's family and big family (three children). However, your ticket to the world of cinema for a long time he got and the choice is up to him. Relations in Hollywood had plenty, so no work of any orientation Ben never will.

I remember after the Oscars I walked down the hall and carried his statue somewhere in the waist level. Never in my life so many women do not ask me, "Oh, and you can touch it?" However, it must be admitted, they said only about a gilded boob.

In his personal life Affleck carries no less. He has a charming wife, actress Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet Seraphina, and the "big boy" - year-old son Samuel. Before that, Ben had two serious novel, and both actresses. In the mid-90s, he met with Gwyneth Paltrow, and in the early 2000s with Jennifer Lopez. They parted, like ships at sea, but it turned out that everything is for the best ...

Life nishtyak. If I'm happy? Something like that. I have children, and then I'm happy.

I grew up in an environment where I was not much noticed; I'm a little in sports, but was never very healthy; My father drank hard, I was constantly changing schools and always felt alone.
If not, Matt Damon, I would never have got in the movie. When we met, I was eight. Matt was ten. He lived just a few blocks from me and just as I loved basketball and movies. Later, when Matt was sixteen and I was fourteen, we have often wander in New York on various auditions and interviews. We needed a job. We wanted to be in movies. It was an amazing time ticket for "National Express" (American Airlines, ceased its activities in 1987) cost only twenty, and on board could smoke. So, sitting in the plane, we always smoked without stopping. We were confident that we urgently need to become adults.

Think of me as the last person who should ask for advice.
About various rumors were afloat. Some said that I meet with Calista Flockhart, others said that I meet with Pamela Anderson, and others - that with Matt Damon. All that I could - is to try not to comment neither the first nor the second, nor the third.

In my life there are so many disappointments. Probably, I came across a disappointment only once in my life - when I was at the University of Vermont. I went there only because of the girls, which was in love and all that, but she did not even studied at the University of the damned. So, I went to school nearby. And I thought that if I learn to close, sooner or later, we have something to work. Two weeks after the beginning of the study I phoned her. The tube was removed some dude, and then she came. "What is this man?" - I asked. "He helps me do my homework," - she said. "Well, - I said. - Lessons. " And hung up.
There is nothing worse than being thirteen. You're ashamed of their parents try to be independent and all that, but deep down you know that you can not do without his mother and step.

My mother - the wisest woman of all the people I met. The best of her admonition was: "But most importantly, be true to myself." She always believed that to say it was full of vain slandered.
My mother falls into an uncontrollable rage when I visit Boston, where she lives, I stop at the hotel. In such cases, I always said to her: "Mother, I adore you, but to sleep in a wet basement, in a sleeping bag - it's too much. It's humiliating, Ma ».

I'm not one of those dudes who loved women in one night. This has happened, yes, but I always felt empty cynic. All that I needed - it is hoped that this can be born any relationship, even in advance groundless.
Everyone thinks that it is easier just to hang girls, if you act in films. No, dude, it's easier just to hang girls, if you - the president of the United States.

Popularity - is always a bargain with the devil. And you are paying not only the soul but also his personal life.
Being a celebrity - hard work. You even can not just leave the house. Because around oshivayutsya your fans and paparazzi.

I hate all these muscular, buttered bastards, posing in underwear and talk about how bad to be a sex symbol.
Now the movie is advertised by all available means. But I am quite sure that not all of them are good, "Hey, guys! I have two sphincter and I took a cool movie! »

The only thing I do not mind the money - is education.
Everything I do comes down to very simple things: I go to work, I try to be a professional, I try never late and always try to keep the leash taut.
Probably, if I had suddenly set with the movie, I think I was quickly made to a career in a sadomasochistic club.

What I do know how - so it bother anyone.
I can play in a billion movies like "Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor." Producers will always argue, "Yes, if we'll call Ben, this movie will blow cinemas across the country." But no one would call me a comedy. They summoned Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey - and no one called. Hell, because I appear in comedies. I can be funny!
Anyone who says that the movie business is no such thing as a professional jealousy - a certified liar.

I respect steep elderly. If Harrison Ford suddenly decided to make a movie, I would be the first rushed to buy tickets.
I never dreamed of working with Truffaut or something similar. "Midnight," I've always liked more than "Bicycle Thieves". Actor I did "Die Hard" and "Blade Runner", but not for this European nonsense.
I do not like films about the film industry. It's like a sausage: we all want to eat it, but why should anyone be interested in how it is done?

When I played George Reeves - artist as Superman - I learned that he is, did not want to be a superhero. He was sick of them. But his agent said: "Beris for the role, and received a fee to cash a check." Not very cool, huh? I'm doing it for the money, too. And I do not like this - on the one hand. On the other hand, I understand that it will not last forever. It is unlikely that for me will always be put off such a heap of dough. So here and now we need to take what they give. Perhaps, I reasoned because his father, he was always drunk, was a failure and did not earn a penny for life. I guess I just do not want to be the same. There are a bunch of vulgar proverbs: strike while the iron is hot; Sushi hay while the sun. Only they and I can justify itself.
None of the actors can never forget the time when sitting without work.


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