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August 15, 41 filled with one of the most coveted Krasavchikov Hollywood - Ben Affleck. Intelligent, charismatic and talented, and not only as an actor: in whatever area is not dabbled birthday, all he gets is equally well. Therefore dwell on repetitive activities, Mr. Affleck is in no hurry. We remember what famous hero article:

Ben - a great friend
Back in 1984, fate brought Affleck same ambitious boy, as he did - Matt Damon. Future best friends met on the set of the series "Journey Mimi", and this meeting was a landmark in the life of young people. Together, the far-reaching plans, the assault castings and participation in the crowd - after all this, Matt and Ben have been together. The result was not long in coming - they both became members of the actor's constellation of Hollywood's first class, and their bromance there, and still - no family troubles or an extremely demand in the career does not interfere with Affleck and Damon regularly see and pass the time with your favorite Texas Hold'em.

A talented writer

In the '90s, at the dawn of his career, Ben could not get "the most" coveted role, which would have brought a resounding success and recognition. The way out of a dead-end for a variety of actors situation became ... own idea for the film. Together with his best friend Affleck wrote the screenplay for the film "Good Will Hunting." Now the main task for the creative duo had to find a studio that agree to remove "Clever Girl" with actors, friends in the lead roles. Representatives responded Miramax. And it has paid off! 9 nominations for "Oscar", of which two awards, including best screenplay. Just think, in 26 years, Ben was awarded the most prestigious prize, though, and for two with Damon.

Outstanding Actor
After the resounding success of "Will Hunting" for Ben was time to "gather stones". In 1998, another step towards this desired success was "Armageddon" by Michael Bay, where the partners on the set of the actor Bruce Willis began and Liv Tyler.

The steadily growing fees and ambitious young man, if the role of Space Driller Affleck won $ 600,000, then after 2 years of his contract up to the vast sums.
Since then, he tried his hand in all possible genres, becoming a pilot during the Second World War in "Pearl Harbor", the fallen angel, promotes biblical dogma in the drama (and again with Matt Damon), he fought against evil, becoming the only blind superhero (" sorvigolova ", 2003). But all of these roles were only the prelude of a new creative phase, the director ...

The prospective director

His debut in his new incarnation was the crime thriller "Proschan Baby Gone" (2007). With modest by Hollywood standards, a budget of $ 19 million, the picture paid off almost in 2 times, and the critics have been extremely encouraging.
After 3 years the world saw the drama "The Town." As in previous work, Affleck actively participated in the creation of the script, and even starred in the title role. A second attempt to remove the own film was even more successful - charges "City of Thieves" in the world amounted to $ 154 million, and Supporting Actor Jeremy Renner - nominated for "Oscar" and a lot of offers.
Further more. For his third directorial picture, Ben chose the controversial topic - the salvation of American diplomats in Tehran. Used in the tape receiving mockumentary narrative, combining it with classical composition thriller, Affleck managed zaitrigovat spectator at best, despite the ending of the pre-known (in fact served as a basis of real events).
Although nominated for Best Director, and went around the actor side, his efforts were not in the shuffle - 2013 Ben Affleck once again took the stage for his well-earned golden statuette, this time for the film of the year, Kojima began his dynamic and exciting "Operation Argo ».

Perhaps a career of actor-director-producer and screenwriter would not be so swift and successful, if his every victory and defeat is not supported beloved wife. Jennifer Garner, Ben met on the set of "Pearl Harbor", but later they had to re-work on site "Daredevil." But the real, the real romance was coming later, in the 2004th, when the actors are already disillusioned with romantic feelings.
It was a simple, quiet, home and not like a former fiancee Affleck Jennifer Lopez. "It is - not a diva," - says a happy Ben later. But the diva he just is not needed.
The couple did not want public scrutiny and media. Jen and Ben teenagers hiding under baggy clothes, a baseball game kissing and making forays into romantic cozy restaurants. Just quietly in love and got married on the island of Parrot Cay, where the party with the newlyweds shared only their relatives and friends.

In 2005 and 2009 the couple Affleck appeared two charming babes: Violet and Seraphim, and in winter 2012 his wife gave Ben also a son named Samuel.

And this is not the limit: after the birth of Sam, happy father of the family said that would not mind to have a couple of kids with favorite Jen. Well, then, as the congratulations and wished a talented and successful man new creative achievements and healthy babies, after all this, he certainly deserves!


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