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Often different incredible stories are the basis for a feature film, but it also happens the other way around - motion picture becomes so colorful and convincing that the audience trying to put her story to life, with most unbalanced the fans imitate not positive character, and the most that neither is a notorious scoundrels and bastards.
Directors and actors may find it is the best proof of his talent, because if the hero of the film, even if it is negative, has become a role model, then reel of film touched, they say, "for a living", but do not forget that, unlike the cinema, everything in life It does not always end the notorious happy ending. To your attention - ten films that have become a reality.
1. "The Town» («The Town», 2010)

Ben Affleck crime drama tells the story of the robber, who with friends successfully gutting banks and collectors until they fell in love with one of the random witnesses his "work." Of course, sweetheart tries to return the ardent "Gentlemen of Fortune" on the right path - and it is built on the plot of the movie.
However, not all interested in the twists and turns of romance hero Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall - a group of men from New York liked more clearly described in the film subtlety and stealth technology robbing banks.
The gang committed 62 robbery, stealing a total of $ 217 million. Criminals have used some techniques borrowed from masterwork Affleck - are de-energized bank building that the staff could not call for backup, worn miner headlamps to navigate in the absence of light, and destroy samples of their DNA with bleach. It did not help them avoid responsibility: All members of the group were arrested, and they were charged under several articles, so it is unlikely that these fans get off blockbusters in small terms. The police themselves reported that the robbery of their "inspired" "City of Thieves».
2. "Project X: Dorval» («Project X», 2012)

Surely the creators of youth comedy "Project X: Dorval" does not imply that the plot of the film will serve as a role model for many American teenagers. If you have not watched this movie, that's the essence of it in a few words: the company of young people to have a party while the parents are away. Gradually the festival went out of control and eventually turned this orgy of shooting, drugs and fire.
After the film's release in several states recorded an increase in juvenile crime, and quite often juvenile offenders staged something like his remake of "Project" - they got into the abandoned house and arranges dens where hiding from their parents for a few days.
As a result, these "parties" dramatic escalation of vandalism, the detention of adolescents in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, many young people have been injured by careless handling of a firearm, and some people even died. The problem got so acute that the film company «Warner Brothers» was forced to make an official statement, urging young people not to imitate the heroes of the picture.
3. "Scream» («Scream», 1996)

Already become a classic Wes Craven thriller at the time of release was a real sensation. The plot of the film you probably know at least in general terms (for example, from parodies such as "Scary Movie"). The story about the killer in a mask excited (and still dominates) all fans of the horror genre, among which come across are not quite adequate.

One of the most famous face became imitators Ghost Belgian Thierry Zharaden that in November of 2001 killed 15-year-old Allison Kembir, Thierry himself at that time was 24 years old.
The young man offered the girl to meet, and after she refused, went into the next room, wearing the famous mask and took two large kitchen knife. He struck Allison 30 strokes (as in the first scene of the film), and after making sure that the girl was dead, called the police and confessed throughout. During interrogations Thierry argued that long wanted to recreate this famous movie scene than the police have put in a blind alley - no problems with the law and mental condition before the guy has not been noticed, but he spoke about the murder calmly.
4. «Fight Club» («Fight Club», 1999) 38,805,879
Masterpiece adaptation of the famous novel by Chuck Palahniuk like almost everyone, not least thanks to the bright and talented stage direction of David Fincher. The world of "Fight Club" show them so convincing and attractive that many desperate children inspired by the ideas of Tyler Durden decided to organize a "project" Destruction "».

In 2009, the year when the United States has one of the most important national holidays - Memorial Day (dedicated to the memory of American soldiers killed in any armed conflict, celebrated on the last Monday in May), in several parts of the New York bombings. Apparently, the terrorists in imitation of the heroes of the film, staged a symbolic destruction of corporate buildings, which they regarded as the main culprit for the oppression of citizens. The organizer of the explosions was soon found - they turned out to be a kind of expected Kyle Shaw, a member of the local branch of "Fight Club", which appeared in the world after the film's release.
5. "Money Train» («Money Train», 1995)

The film about the adventures of two stepbrothers robber was pretty cool received by critics, but has found a ready response in the hearts of the audience. In one of the episodes the robber tried to burn alive witness a crime, pouring petrol on it. According to the plot, manages to escape safely, but everything in life develops sometimes not so well for the victim.
Soon after the release of "Train" in rental have been several similar cases: in one of them, a young man claiming to give him money, doused with 50-year-old clerk lighter fluid and set fire. A few weeks later the man died in the hospital - burns accounted for more than 75% of the body. In a short time there were seven more such incidents, which triggered a new wave of applications of citizens and representatives of public organizations angered by the abundance of violence on the screen.
6. "Saw: The game of survival» («Saw», 2004)

John Cramer psychopath nicknamed designer-Pila (Eng. Jigsaw) - one of the brightest kinozlodeev recently. According to the concept of the franchise, Kramer not only kills its victims - he invents ingenious traps and snares to provide participants with these brutal "games" the ability to recognize and correct their mistakes in life, and thus be saved. According to John, people kill themselves if they have the will to live.
Ideas mad inventor became a real eye-opener for the two American teenagers from the town of Salt Lake City: The mother of one of them once accidentally overheard her son with a friend discussing the plans for the abduction and killing several people. Two of the conspirators of 15 and 14 years developed an elaborate operation in the style of the films Saw to kill a few people who, they believed, prevent them to live - one of them was a police officer and two minor girls. Investigators said the boys, even bought cameras and camcorders to capture their "games».
In Tennessee the plot of "Saw" inspired by the bad joke of two teenage girls: they are using voice mail sent to 52-year-old woman a message in which he said that the house is hidden her friend, and threatened to release a toxic gas that will kill both. When the victim of a cruel joke listening to a message, past her house held a funeral procession, and the woman was so frightened that he suffered a stroke. Fortunately, police were able to calculate fairly quickly "joker", so they probably quickly explain what the dangerous such jokes.
7. "Fire Vortex» («Backdraft», 1991)

Exciting films about firefighters fight the United States with a serial arsonist, undoubtedly inspired the audience at the pride of the workers of fire protection and contributed to the growth of civil (and human) self-consciousness. One viewer was so impressed with the heroic characters of the film that desperately wanted to become like them - at least that is what he told the police detained him.
Sleeping at the girl, the young man waited until all asleep, then threw a chair out of a small fire. Unfortunately for the latter-day hero blockbusters households rather quickly smelled smoke and put it out without the participation of the hapless arsonist.
8. "Interview with the Vampire» («Interview with the Vampire», 1994)

Daniel Sterling and his 8-year-old girlfriend Lisa Stellwagen on November 17 of 1994 passed the time watching another "vampire" horror. At three o'clock in the morning Lisa woke up from what felt to her someone was watching. Near the bed, she found Daniel, who said: "Today You Die. I will kill you and drink your blood. " The girl apparently thought it was a dream, because I turned to the other side and, as if nothing had happened, went to sleep again, and Daniel, meanwhile inflicted seven wounds to her and tried to drink the blood.
Inexplicably, but the girl did not immediately left the bed and did not raise the noise - "vampire" managed to escape from the scene of the attack. Bloodsucker was detained, and he explained that in no way blames the whole movie, although he admitted that watching "Interview" had some influence on his criminal intent. Later, Daniel was convicted of attempted murder with extreme rigidity.
9. "Rambo: First Blood» («First Blood», 1982)

The film follows the adventures of a veteran of the Vietnam War, with Sylvester Stallone has long since become a cult film for many generations of viewers. Many boys imitated John Rambo, but only a few, as adults, we decided to break the law for the sake of the ideals of childhood.
After some time after the release of militants in hire a man wearing a camouflage suit and a red bandanna on his head, was shot and killed by Canadian police while resisting arrest for the murder of a police officer. Shortly thereafter, in a ravine not far from Toronto, was found 18-year-old young man with his face painted camouflage paint and in uniform. Around the same time, Ontario was discovered the man who two weeks living in the woods, shooting a slingshot at random passers-by, "partisans" well prepared for the "operation" and even has got an army gear, but otherwise showed all the signs of insanity .
10. «The Dark Knight» («The Dark Knight», 2008)

Many were shocked with the story of mass murder at the premiere of Christopher Nolan's blockbuster "The Dark Knight Rises": James Holmes, one of the craziest fans of the comic book Batman, killed 12 people, and then said: "I - the Joker!". However, this is not the only crime committed too impressionable fans this dark fantasy universe.

In 2010, residents of Wisconsin was sentenced to one year in prison after he broke into the house of his cousin and attacked him. The man suspected his ex-girlfriend is sleeping with his cousin, and when the jealous husband in a suit the main antagonist of Batman, the Joker, climbed into the house, the worst suspicions were confirmed - he caught his ex-gёrlfrend in bed at his brother, which provoked violent outbursts.
But it is unlikely such a tricky and unpredictable character as the Joker, has become so commonplace to take revenge and primitive way. He was certainly more than came to like the story, which occurred in 2009, the year in Indiana: a pupil of one of the local schools attacked the teacher with a razor blade in his hand, and before that she asked for leave to the toilet and made a make-up in exactly the same as the famous smile of the Joker .
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